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Friday, October 5, 2012

Breaking News: New "info" on the 2014-2015 New Ford Mustang!
       I'm at it again! Here I am again, talking about the new Ford Mustang. Well I spotted this new render of an alleged 2014 Ford Mustang on the Jalopnik automotive website. Immediately catching my eyes was the front fascia, which suprised me, because it apppears that some designer in the studio has become un-lazy, and has embarked on a new design direction. I've been seeing quite alot of these types of front fascias recently -
due to my constant rummaging through Facebook car sketch pages, etc. - and I really love them. I like to call this particular type of design, metal folds, as it looks like the metal folds in in some areas and then comes back out somewhere else. It's quite a delicious design amusement. Looking further, I see the Ford Evos (concept) grille - or even the Ford Fusion grille - is still there, and nothing is wrong with that. However, I do think that it could be a tad bit taller.
           Furthermore, I don't know what the emblem on the grille is! First of all, it makes the grille look like a derivative of the Dodge crosshair grille, but instead, now it is a grille with a literal crosshair - if you know what I mean. Now, moving on to the side, here the body is a bit blah-zay, although I do admire the deep creased intrusion carved into the metal. I also like how it is given a "salute" with a lead-in crease that begins at the edge of the front headlamp. And, I enjoy how it appears to be going through the wheel fender and coming back out on the other side! In addition, I also see what appears to be a more noticeable rump in the rear wheel fender area. Infact, it is a very Pre-2012 Dodge Charger-esque rump! It is a splitting copy of it! To the detail! Just look at it as it jaggedly comes to an end above the driver's-side door lock! See, I knew I loved that beautiful crease that the previous Dodge Charger had cut into its rear quarter panel. Yeah! I knew it! And now look at it being copied (hahaha). I'm not mad at Ford for doing it, but rather, I'm mad at Dodge for not keeping that  design feature in the newer Charger model! :(. Oh, and I forgot to mention, what the hell happened to the circular headlamps that rightfully have been a part of the Ford Mustang retro-futuristic design? This has to be included in any new redesign! Come on y'all! (screams)

Here is a link to the article where I got this latest Mustang render from:

Also, in my design critique of the latest Ford Mustang render, I referred to the Dodge Charger quite a few times. You can checkout my previous article on the Dodge Charger's design at the following link:

- Gebre Mesquitta

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  1. Round Headlights... YES!
    Please Ford! Don't turn our cherished carriage into some slant-eyed alien monstrosity!

    K. Holiday