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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Retro Looks to Leave New Ford Mustang? Huh? Say What? (Mic Check Part 1 of 2)

       Well, I have written quite a few Mustang blogs it seems. That's because the Mustang is just a nice damn car that contains a perfect blend of retro-futuristic styling. Today's Mustang blog is a little different however, it's about my slight dissatisfaction with the inspiration that they say will be infused into the next Mustang model, which according to sources will hit the market as a 2014 or 2015 model. The particular car, they say, of which the inspiration will be extracted from, is the 2011 Ford Evos concept. I have seen that concept  floating all around the internet and I'm not to excited about it. I have channeled that frustration into a preliminary, and experimentation-sketch of my own musings for a new Ford Mustang concept. Now, let me say something, there is a fine line that a manufacture must straddle when updating or re-issuing an update of a retro car. The goal is to bring in today's hi-techy design aesthetic, and merge it with the iconic cues of the previous design. And here, the hoped-for result is for  where you can see the blend of both styles, but still smell a defining whiff of the aroma of that yester-year design.

Proceed to the observations made below...



What do you see in pictures 1, and 2? In the first picture,1, the side view, though containing some nice sculpturistic lines, doesn't look "Mustang" enough in comparison to the second picture, 2. Therefore, what I have done below, is attempt to reinvigorate the real Mustang bloodline, while simultaneously upping the ante.

       If you look carefully above (observing the arrows), you can see two long curving lines that start out - with wide separation - by the front fender, and then in a swooping manner, converges at the rear wheel fender. Right here, a sumptious rump in the rear quarter panel is birthed, and gently dives down a bit over the rear wheel and then curves upward again, running into the tail lamps, which is followed tangentially by a spoiler profile. Also, checkout the lower arrows coming from the front wheel fender, and watch how it invisibly (I made it visible by highlighting it with red arrows) reaches into a sexy, near-derriere curvature into the lower part of the rear fascia (behind the rear wheel). See? You know me, I always try if possible, to put a little bit of the ladies into my automotive designs :)

Ok. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the ride as we show you a ton of otherwise hot pictures of the Ford Evos concept, of which Ford will be drawing some of its inspiration for the new 2014/2015 Ford Mustang concept! You got your popcorn right? (lol)

Also, further your reading at the following sources: 

 - Gebre Mesquitta

Monday, September 3, 2012

This Sexy Pony! Another Super Hot Customized Ford Mustang!

       Man this Ford Mustang is just soo smoking hot on every level! I'm gonna begin at ground level first and then move on elsewhere. Now, here, as the car meets the pavement, are the huge spectacular wheels. They are extremely expressively aggressive, and essentially "shout-outs" the car. The wheels almost resemble a spider - one that has crawled out from a hole and is now just sitting on the perimeter - pondering its next move. The spider effect is achieved with the wheels because the spokes are not flush with the tire, but extend a little bit beyond it. Can you visualize the spider legs? Just think spider and look closely. "Oh no there's a spider on the screen! Run away!" (hahaha)
       Moving up from the rear tire is a rear vent that is emboldened by a large crease which extends from the top and bottom of the vent's shape and reaches all the way to the front wheel well, ending at its curvature, or well, being terminated by the curvature of the front wheel fender itself. It is a deep sculptured-like incision into the metal and gives of an ambiance of strength. For me it resembles the strained look of your arm when it is held at a right angle to the shoulder with the fist clenched at the end. Infact, do you visualize what I just said? You do it! Raise your arm 'til it makes a right angle with your shoulder and tightly clench your fist. There's two thin tendons that begin almost at the center of the fist and move outward into the arm, where it then fades away. Now, look closely at it and you'll see a space between the two tendons. Infact, take the index finger of your other hand and gently run it between them. You can feel it. Now, singing in my Carrie Underwood voice, "Do you see what I see"? Yes, right? And now, this is what I see expressed in the huge crease into the side of the Mustang.
       Ok, now lets move upward to the hood of the car. Here, there is this large and lovely bulge, I like to call this attribute bosom-ness or chest-ness (lol). Over here, the Mustang is well-appointed! And that big hood, you know, is full of umph! You know under there, that there's horsepower to kill! This is stated even more by the vents on opposing sides of the hood as well as the little smattering of an air scoop at the front of it. It shows that the engine housed below it, is one that is immensely powerful and is desperate to breathe.
       Moving on down from the hood is the huge main grille ofcourse, and which is framed on both sides by two large circular fog lamps. I love the effect of these circular lights too, as it resembles a Jeep aesthetic, one that has been implanted onto a car and imparts that same aura of toughness! Below the big grille is the thick luscious lower front fascia, or front bumper (envision the full lips of a beautiful female).
I love the design language going on down here. First of all, you have the vertical bars that span the height of the lower intakes. These again, have a look of strength and nicely accentuates the front of the car. To the left and right sides of the front bumper are also deep intrusions into the metal, and above that is a chiseled "blend-in" into the huge expressive front wheel fenders! To top off everything, are the lovely racing stripes that run from her chest all the way down to her derriere.
Now I leave you all, my readers with this: all Ford Mustangs should be made this beautiful, not different model variations with varying degrees of toughness - I hate that damn sh*t! Every mustang should look tough, and then customization should only make it look tougher! Do you get me Ford?

This article on a Ford Mustang is the second one that I have written. You can read our previous article on another customized Ford Mustang at the following link: This one is another great out-of-this-world customization!

- Gebre Mesquitta