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Monday, November 22, 2010

The 2011 Chrysler 300C

So it’s out that Chrysler released the remix to its mega hit single, “The 2005 Chrysler 300C.  This single has been on the chart for quite some time. It raked up numerous awards, and if I’m right, I think it has been the most awarded single ever. Well now Chrysler has decided that it could do with a remix. They have released the Chrysler 300C 2011. Okay, now the previous single was a smasher, so why remix it? Well I guess you gotta keep it fresh, don’t want it to get stale. Right? Well let’s see if the remix is better than the original hit. It’s time to pick apart the design of the new 2011 Chrysler 300C.
I will start with the rear of the sedan. Over lies gorgeousness and stateliness. The taillights aesthetic has been changed. It now includes surround chrome highlights. In addition, the reverse lights within the taillights are also highlighted with chrome. Furthermore there is a vertical chrome piece within the taillight that extends downward to meet the reverse light. This gives the entire tail light a unique look. It makes it pop! Right where the taillights end begins the rear fender. The top surface of the rear fender is also in chrome. This, in combination with the uniquely apportioned placement of chrome in the taillight, by extension, gives the entire rear of the car a very classy look. The fat dual exhaust pipe then completes everything perfectly.
Lets now move on to the side of the car. Here, a beautiful continuation of the chrome usage is in effect. The entire window set is wrapped in an outline of chrome. The chrome treatment is also given to side mirrors and door handles. Moving lower down on the side of the car is a double surfacing. A rear shoulder similar to the Dodge Charger, but not, exactly is captured it seems. A curve sympathetic to the upper outline of the rear taillight is surfaced into the metal and continues all the way to the beginning of the front wheel well bulge. This surfacing is giving a slight lip; this is where the “double” surfacing comes in. This effect gives extra drama to the side of the vehicle. It’s just different - a lil bit of pizzazz, “jus’ a lil bit”
Ok, now, let’s slide on ‘round to the front of the car - where the premier of Chrysler bangin’-ness originally debuted itself. HMMM! (Eyebrows become knitted and puts index finger in front of mouth LOL). Here, the grille has changed. It is smaller and is no longer the previous egg-crate grill design, but instead, a design composed of horizontal slats. I have to admit that I do not too much enjoy this redesign. The previous grille was larger and the egg-crate style made for more impact. In addition, the headlamps are too much tamed and none-aggressive looking, compared to the former “bulldog-looking, growling, get-out-of my-face-look. I’m disappointed with that aspect that they altered. What they should have done with the headlamps instead, is hahaha…I will provide a sketch of this soon…so stay tuned!

 The above picture is a realistic rendering that I found on some website while the remix of the 2005 Chrysler  300C was still a just a rumor.....notice the large grille here, and more assertive headlamps than on the current spyshots of the new 2011 production model.

Anyway, all in all, the remix is vey good, but not awesome.....
- Gebre Mesquitta

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