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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Hottest Looking Minivan Ever built? The Coolest and the Sexiest? Agree?

Everyday I always try to get into work at least 15 minutes early so, in addition to checking my emails, I can quickly browse for any juicy new automotive stuff. This time, as I scrolled through the list of automotive articles on their website, something unusually attractive caught my attention!  I saw what looked like a new and sexily innovative SUV-looking-but-non-SUV Kia vehicle. Upon investigating further I saw that it was an updated Sedona minivan. It had been transformed into a splendidly new and utterly more attractive driving machine! Damn-ingly cute and damn-ingly sexy!

I tried to figure out what was appealing to my creatively analytical senses, and then bingo! It hit me! The premiere area of innovative beauty is right at the front of the minivan. Here it is almost inventively similar to an SUV front-end in ratio and proportion. In particular, it is similar to two of the SUVs in Kia’s lineup: the Kia Sportage and Kia Sorento SUVs - both cute, chunky, and sexy SUVs. The front fascia of the new Sedona nearly approaches the viewer in the same way that the Kia SUVs do. The headlamps and grill set-up also have major similarity. The difference is , and ofcourse, as is with all minivans, the the slope of the hood. But however, that feature is still hyped up by pronounced creases into the hood that visually impart aggression into the appearance of the front end of the vehicle. This also visually divides the grille and headlamp sections of the fascia, and aids in corralling  your attention in this area. The front headlamps themselves are amped up in styling with the addition of LED accents, which thrusts the Sedona into modern automotive styling territory. Lower down on the fascia, are the crisp, sharp chrome accents that surround and beautify the foglamps. This adds the last touch of stunning beauty to the front of the Kia Sedona.


Moving onto the side of the vehicle, here, there is more beauty and great design to be seen. Upon investigating closer, one can also see design elements present in the lovely Honda Odyssey. This is particularly evident in the shaping of the middle and rear-most passenger windows. However, Kia took it another step further! Do you see how the side windows are semi-highlighted by a strip of chrome? It begins at the rear top of the rearmost passenger window and curves down to right behind the driver’s-side mirror. This is such an appropriately, differentiating, and innovative touch. This chrome strip also, by visual extension, causes the chrome door handles to pop into the viewer’s realm. Now here is something else atractive and defining,do you notice, how the rear D-pillar is blacked out? This gives the look of a seamlessly running greenhouse (windows area), and enables the rear spoiler to stand out! And that great stand-out adds that sporty zippy flair to the side of the Sedona! You see how everything works in sequencial cohesion?! And on this note, the side of the Kia Sedona minivan is concluded - gorgeously-intelligently designed. Kudos to the designers for thinking this segment of the Sedona's metal artistry through and through!
Note: Very carefully, observe the similarities and differences in the Honda Odyssey picture above and the Kia Sedona picture right above it! Can you see the cooler SUV-type flair in the Sedona?
Now look below at the second descriptive picture. You should definitely see the SUV-style character now!
Now lets hop and skip to the rear of the Sedona. Over here, the design is - just as the front is - an SUV-ish proportionally designed appearance. I really love it. Remember the Dodge Caravan advertisement calling it the man van? Aiding in this truck-ish or SUV-ish look at the rear of the Sedona, is the high rear window and the high placement of the rear lights. It is SUV-cool!

Now in conclusion, even though I love Dodge, and is biased towards Dodge a lot, the Kia Sedona is the real man-van! This minivan is just has the real manly-cool vibe via its aesthetic! Even a single bodybuilder guy can drive this! Haha! This is the best minivan design ever concieved! Ever! Preview the pictures and illustrations below so you can fall into agreement. Thanks in advance (lol)!






- Gebre Mesquitta