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Friday, February 24, 2012

2012 Dodge Charger (Riding Shotgun)

Well just as I reported in my previous blog about never having been in the Dodge Challenger, well neither have I ever been in a Dodge Charger, my absolute favorite American car! I was so thrilled when I got to test-ride in one for media day at the 2012 Chicago International Autoshow!


       Now "lean back" for a lil bit of off-topic entertainment. As the helper opened the door to the car, I saw it was a female driver again (I rode with one previously for the Dodge Challenger); she was like OMG-sexy! As I got into the car her lips looked straight at me, and then they moved to a smile, and then that transpired to a voice that was hmmm...very breathy, fun, date-night-ish, bedroom-like, tantalizing. I'm always attracted to females with a sexy voice, always! Well let me just say this....I kinda wanted to just stay in that car,(hahaha) and I would love to have slipped her my number too. 
       Ok, now attention folks! Sit straight up (lol). The interior of this Dodge Charger says "recognize me, it looks amazing. I believe that Dodge seems to know or has figured out exactly what their interior design problem is and is working hard on it, or has finally fixed it! The first thing that I like about the Charger's interior is the center console. I absolutely love the large screen display, and the surrounding air vents. It's so beautifully laid out. I enjoy the bountiful left-to-right hand movement that it affords the driver. In addition, the large screen also provides 0-60 mph time and qurter mile readouts - racing inspiration that is truly loveable - though I wonder how many drivers will be abusing this by topping the speed limit just to see the readouts!
       This particular Dodge Charger was of the RT variety and held a propulsion system that inhales  5.7 liters of air, and puts out 370 hp! With this version, there is also a take from the world of Formula 1 racing - slap-shift gear changing. In addition, there is also a moon roof  to enjoy that nice breeze as you enjoy the your fabulous Dodge Charger on the road. The cabin of the car is also highly soundproof insulated. When the windows are up, you can hardly hear what's going on in the outside world. The only world you would be engaged in is that of the Dodge Charger. To include the ride, the beautiful driver girl did a performance ride, lining up the car with a target ahead, and then floooring the gas pedal! It was a little slice of heaven as I got sucked into my seat and this girl went for a high-speed ride ;)

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We aren't going to get into a critique of the Dodge Charger styling here, because we have done so previously. So you can check out our previous critique of the Dodge Charger at the following link:

- Gebre Mesquitta

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012 Dodge Challenger (Riding Shotgun)!

My love for the Dodge Challenger began in the month of September 2005. I came upon the picture of this car while I was at work interning for a financial/publication company back in my community college days in Connecticut. At work, when there was a lull in tasks to do, or when I would take a break from my work, or moreso, when my supervisor wasn't in her office (big smile on my face), I would roam the internet visiting all types of automoile-related websites, saving numerous pictures of the sexiest concept cars, and saving them on CDs (there weren't any flashdrives in those days LOL). I would then happily take advantage of the awesome office printers as well as the myraid of paper qualities available (hahaha) to print them out. I think one of my co-workers kind of almost caught me once and snitched it to my boss, and I was warned about it. My boss was a sweetiepie, though, I loved her, and I still love her -  tall, slim, pretty, cute (lol). Ok let me stop! (LOL). But she was the coolest boss you could ever have! Now, anyway, I printed out numerous images of a bright orange Dodge Challenger on "criss-criss" company paper. For me the printouts were so precious, I held the fresh copies like an egg, and put them away in a folder sandwhiched between blank sheets of paper to preserve its frehsness. I slipped them into my bookbag, and at the end of work, I To this day I still have them, and they're as fresh as the day I printed them out. Now I always remember the website from which I got the car from, as saying the "Dodge Challenger would begin production in 2006". That's all I had to go by until I would see it on the street. And when I did see it on the street, all I could do was pass it on the street. But thanks to Chrysler and the folks at Out Cold Marketing, I finally got to ride in one!

- Gebre Mesquitta

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Riding Shotgun! (Part 1)

The 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee is the bomb! It truly is! I had a test-drive in it last year during Media Day at the 2011 Chicago International Autoshow, and I had a test drive in it again for Media Day at the 2012 Chicago International Autoshow. Both times the ride was amazing. The first thing that I noticed upon entering into the Jeep Grand Cherokee was a luscious and luxuriously appointed interior. It resembled the hand-crafted work usually seen in exotic luxury cars - something british, something Italian. The first name that came to my mind was Bentley - which was induced by the somewhat tan leather that I've previously observed in Bentley automobiles. Infact, the leather is not exactly tan, but is almost like a hybrid between tan and chocolate. It is visually sensuous and exuded high quality and ultra fine handcraftsmanship. I was simply amazed - I'm sitting there thinking like, "All this in a Jeep? Wow! Jeep is taking it to a whole 'nother level with this interior design."As I looked further, more closely examining my interior surroundings, and on an alert from the driver, I realized that even the dashboard was wrapped in leather. Maybe I've been living under a rock or haven't been in an ultra high end luxury vehicle before, but I had never before heard of or seen a dashboard wrapped in leather (lol)! Now even more unique about the interior of this Jeep  Grand Cherokee is the color scheme....the sensous brown-ish tones of leather,mixed with real wood doing a nice jazz dance with black leather and chrome accents. Pure gorgeousness! It's a "music" of love! The interior designers really have a knack for an intelligent appropriation of color tones. They got this girl looking really nice! Kisses! (lol)

Now, I did aforemention that I have taken test rides in the Jeep Grand Cherokee twice. Well let me tell you folks, this truck has fantastic ride handling. It is superb and squeaky clean! As the driver put the vehicle through a tortuous and rigorous test on the indoor offroad trail, containing almost every off-road obstacle imaginable, I could hear narry a squeak in any part of the suspension. The Jeep's independent suspension is tremendously adaptive and it felt like a conqueror and handled like a champion.

In addition, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has an adjustable ride height feature, one for park (getting in and out), another for normal driving, and another for offroad driving. When in park mode, the height is automatically adjusted to 6.2 inches, in normal driving mode, the ground clearance is 8.1 inches, and for offroad driving, the suspension can be raised to 10.7 inches. This is all due to a new state-of-the-art Quadra-Lift air suspension system. Furthermore, the bottom of the vehicle is fitted with steel skid plates to protect the undercarriage from being damaged by debri when offroading. Adding to the wonderful offroading experience of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, is the fact that when Jeep did the redesign in 2011, its engineers added a whooping 5400 new welds! This increased body rigidity during offroading by 147%. Toping all this off is a standard 3.6 liter V6 engine that puts out 290 horsepower and 263 pounds of torque. You can also choose to have a 5.78 liter V8 that puts out 350 horsepower and creates 293 pounds of torque.

Now folks, what more could you ask for? Like really?! Do you think there is anything more that you could ask for? The only thing that you could do is go to your nearest Jeep dealer and ask for yours today!

Below is the video of my test ride in the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chrysler 300C at the 2012 Chicago International Autoshow

Well, I finally witnessed the new 2012 Chrylser 300C in person. My verdict is this: it is an okay car. It is not better than the previous Chrysler 300C though. And that fact just dissapoints the living hell out of me! I can't, for the life of me, understand why they down-graded the ferocious design of the previous 300. I mean, do you remember those bulldog headlamps (with the nearly concentric circular design), that "lil" Bently allure, that bold this-is-Chrysler-and-look-what-we-can-do design, that design of attitude - right up in your face! That's gone.

Refer to for our blog on the original Chrysler 300C, and then refer to our other blog at where we compare both the previous model 300C and the new model 300C. You will realize - if you don't already - what we're talking about.

- Gebre Mesquitta

Live at the 2012 Chicago International Autoshow (The 2012 Toyota Camry)

The Toyota Camry is of awesome perfection! I cannot find one flaw! We will be blogging on the wiining design features of this Toyota Camry soon! So keep the SeraniTafari Street Team blog on you radar!

- Gebre Mesquitta

Live at the Chicago International Autoshow (The 2012 Dodge Dart)

We will be doing a follow-up blog critiquing the all new Dodge Dart. So look out for it. The Dodge Charger is soo perfect that I found two flaws! (hahaha)
 - Gebre Mesquitta