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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

AdSpotting: Jennifer Lopez and Fiat "Back To The Bronx"

So! Fiat is back in the United States. The video below featuring Jennifer Lopez, one of the hottest, music, film, and TV pop stars, looks like its big advertisement debut to get the ball really rolling over here. I’ve been watching this little car for a while – from since it first debuted in the media. There’s something about it! That Fiat 500, it’s a sexy little mini Italian car!
I think the goal behind the Fiat/Jennifer Lopez video is similar to the one behind the “Imported From Detroit” ads that Chrysler is currently running with the gritty looking scenes of Detroit.
Here’s what I like about this video:
  1. The intro soundtrack and the slow seep-in of J.Lo’s voice, “Here, this is my world.”
  2. The guy that begins drumming at 0:15 seconds
  3. The jovial, dancing, ipod-type girls at 0:19 seconds as J.Lo says,“To think faster”, and shifts the  gear stick, and the guys excitedly fist-bumping
  4. At 0:35 seconds the flirty long-hair shake! Yes!! (LOL)
  5. When J.Lo sings “And never stop loving you”, and then the kids chasing the car…which then comes to a stop and  J.Lo departs the car, moving right into a model pose!
Here’s what I don’t like about the video:

  1. As the camera moves off the guy drumming, J.Lo's expression is too stoic...there needs to be  an "Oh yea!" type of smile/expression on her face here
  2. After the camera leaves the kids break dancing and focuses on J.Lo’s face...again her expression is  too stiff!
I recently had my first live sighting of the Fiat 500c while walking home from a new stush restaurant a couple blocks from my home. I was like, "Oh, that's you, the Fiat 500c! You're soo cute! I'd love to just kiss that car... like for real though! Hahahaha.
- Gebre Mesquitta

Monday, October 10, 2011

OMG! The Cadillac Ciel!

Someone please call 911! There is a car on fire! (Fire truck arrives). “WTF! Where’s the fire?” (car enthusiast) “Oh we were talking about this car, this Cadillac Ciel! (Smiles sheepishly) It is a blazing automotive beauty! Don’t you agree?” (Police officer) "Sir, you are the fuck under arrest for reporting a false emergency!"

You know what, I'll just give you a citation, (looks at car).."well damn, there kinda was a fire here." (Firemen) I know right!"

Yes, indeed, the Cadillac Ciel is like a blaze of burning automotive fire! It’s a beast of thorough consideration of design aesthetic and composed with withering perfection. This car has the presence of hugeness and immensity - you can feel the power and essence of largeness. As such that the size of the car is also the size of its engine – one of terrifying power.

The beauty of the Ciel begins at the front. The eye is immediately attracted to the headlamps, which are ferociously sweeping down into the lower fascia. Sitting majestically right between them is the massive grille which resembles a wide ear-to-ear terse grin. One that says, “Yeah, I’m nice but I’m real bad!” The curves of the grille are sympathetic to the sweeping curves of the headlamps and compliment it splendidly. Furthermore, the curves of the grille are accented by being “drawn” into the hood. If you bring your eyes up to the windshield and follow the length of the hood back to the start of the grille, you’ll pick up the effect. It is so stately!

Moving on to the side of the car is the very Lamborghini-style mirrors – well at least that’s what comes to my mind – and they are vividly picturesque of fast-moving sheets of wind smoothly ripping past. Moving lower, on the side, are the huge wheels, and they have the effect of grounding this beast – like huge stones anchoring it to the ground. To describe further, it appears as if it’s tying down a huge machine that at anytime can tear off the pavement at dizzying speeds – lapping up air through its huge front grille!

Transitioning to the back of the car, the side panels reach into a neat, flawless, and classic rear end. The rear lights are crisp, sharp, and beautiful, and delightfully take hold of your eyes. You know, like the feel of a crisp Lays potato chip, as it crumbles perfectly in your mouth? That’s how these lights feel – except to the eyes instead (lol)! Moving further down, are the exhaust pipes, which are metal slits and are situated immediately beneath the taillights. This was such a gorgeous positioning decision. The beauty here is that the taillight and the exhaust pipe appear as one piece…it looks inclusive though separate. To finally sum up the rear, I must bring your attention to the huge front grille-shaped intrusion into the metal. It brings instantaneous memory of the front of the car’s front end, and thus, keeps the mind’s observation of the beauty of the car in motion! Topping it off is the nice fat Cadillac crest smack dead in the center of the shape – akin to a king’s seal. Like Rick Ross says – in incremental tones of loudness, “Imma boss! Imma Boss! Imma Boss!!”

Now here, is the trick played on the eye! You see above is the real ending edge of the body of the car. However, the light catcher makes the eye believe that the car's ending edge is that of the light catcher itself. Now alltogether the light catcher, inaddition to the top curve of the body of the car induces a swift dashing motion - an attitude of speed!

These wheels are a splendid addition to the design of the Cadillac Ciel. If you are really in tune with the design of this car, you will realize that the slits in the wheel spokes have the precise effect of radience, and this is due to a notion of emptiness - the slit being that you can see through it! The entire body of the car is drawn into the wheels and exuded right back out.

Checkout this side vent! It travels straight up until it reaches the long slanted front quarter panel seam. Genius!

Below are the pictures of the interior of the Cadillac Ciel. I must admit that I am at a total loss of design terminology to describe the magnificence of the Ciel's interior. My brain becomes confused as a rush of words and ideas of words is sent to my brain by my mind! My brain goes blank! But wait, I think I managed some words of description: robotic- architecturistic, jagged hand gestures and jeky dance moves. How that sound? (lol)

The only thing about this Cadillac Ciel is that it is a concept :(. I don't know if it will ever make it to production. I wish! I hope!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ferrari 458 Italia! Kim Kardashian's Brand New Car!

It's just in that Reality TV star, Kim Kardashian splashed $275,000 on a gorgeous white Ferrari 458 Italia! Only thing, though, is that this car looks alot better than Kim herself (lol)! I'd rather have this car for my girlfriend than Kim Kardashian - just saying! :)
Now, the Ferrari 458 Italia, is one hell of a splendid piece of automotive artwork. and below I'll show you just why.

- Gebre Mesquitta

Friday, October 7, 2011

The return of the Honda NSX!

Well, folks! Honda has finally made a comeback to the super sports car arena! The NSX of yesterday is gone and a brand new futuristic - so much that it looks alien – super sports car has risen to the throne.

To give a brief history of the Honda NSX or Acura NSX, the vehicle was produced between 1990 and 2005, and was equipped with a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, powered by an all-aluminum V6 gasoline engine featuring Honda's Variable Valve Timing  and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) system. In 1984, Honda commissioned the Italian car designer, Pininfarina, to design the HP-X (Honda Pininfarina Xperimental), which had a mid-mounted C20A 2.0 L V6 configuration. After Honda decided to pursue the project, its management informed its engineers that the new car would have to be as good as anything coming from Italy and Germany - a noble goal indeed!

The new Honda NSX is exhilarating and breath-taking in its design. Looking at the front of the vehicle, it appears to have no headlamps, which in corporation with its astonishing front-end design, gives it a stealthy and deathly-looking countenance! The rear of the NSX is another beauty all in itself. It's design is exceedingly stunning and exciting, and over here, it also almost seems to resemble a Lamborghini in its aesthetic. What I love most about this part of the car is the row of LED lights that sweeps outward from the top of the trunk and closes in inwardly at the rear lights. Moving further down, the striking design innovations creased into the metal around the exhaust pipes, and  the rear air dam, finishes of the powerful look of the Honda/Acura NSX. This is one hell of a gorgeous supercar! And it does seem that the designers have fulfilled the original goal of the NSX, which was to be as good as anything that coming from Italy or Germany.

For the propulsion system for the NSX, Honda is working on a VTEC V6 engine of between 3.5 to 3.7 litres, in addition to a twin electric motor set-up which will be powered by lithium-ion batteries and employ a plug-in recharge system for a small electric-only range. The result, they say, will be huge amounts of torque, but also the high-revving character Hondas are famous for. The NSX will also be built of a weight-saving aluminum body. This supercar is set to go on sale by 2014.

- Gebre Mesquitta

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chick Trying to Sell a Ford Focus

Yesterday I was at this corner store about a block from the office where I work. I went there to buy me a couple bags of Smart Food popcorn and a knock-off Jamaican cream soda (lol). I then walked into line to present my purchase. In front of me there was a kind of fine-looking Puerto Rican chick who was earnestfully leaning at the counter while talking meaningfully and quite persuasively to the Arab cashier. She was trying to sell him her car. I heard her mention to the cashier the mileage on it at  “just 100, 000” and that it was a Ford Focus. I chuckled to myself so hard that the laugh spilled right out of my mouth. I’m thinking, “Man that car is at least 10 years old, and – an old Ford at that! Back then Ford was known for boring cars with a low-quality stigma. Ford ten years ago and prior and Ford today is like apples and oranges, and I’m currently the biggest fan of the “new Ford”!
Now, after the lady’s remark to the cashier about the car’s mileage, he replied with an honest smirk and saying in his heavily foreign-accented English, “I don’t know 'bout Ford, but 100,000 miles on Japanese, yeah! But ahhh no Ford! And then I chimed in, speaking to the lady, “And you selling it for $3000? She was like yeah! It’s a nice car! As I left the store to head back to my office, I saw the car, a bright red hatchback Ford Focus. I’m thinking, "damn, that car does look nice, and kinda pretty! I could drive around with that and get some numbers from the ladies :). And it doesn’t look like it makes any old-enginetype sounds while being driven either. It looks like it has no where near the $100, 000 miles on it that the owner stated!" Infact, I’d love to buy it and put another 100, 000 miles on it. But, I’d like to buy it for like $1,000, (hahaha) because you know, I kinda remember the Fords-from-back-then stereotype. So you know, I’d like to buy it at stigma-price and drive it into the ground (LOL).