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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Has Dodge Said "Yes" to a New Dodge Magnum? Will They? Should they?

Why was the Dodge Magnum ever discontinued? Or why has it taken such a long time to introduce a new model? Huh Dodge? The Dodge Magnum is the best station wagon ever designed in the history of station wagons! It was one heck of a beautiful car with its low-slung sporty roofline, large wheels, bold wheel fenders, big smiling grille, and the high gangsta beltline. It was sexy, masculine, bad-ass-lookin', and full of braggadocio! It was brash, and urban, and hip. It looked like metal sculpted out of loud music! It was just soo good-looking!. I still turn my head when I see one on the road, or stop to snap a picture (for the SeraniTafari Street Team ofcourse) when I'm walking pass one on the streets.

Hopefully, though, by the publishing of this render, by Allpar, that this means there's something in the works for a brand new Dodge Magnum. In the rendering, I love the styling that I'm witnessing. The body panels have cleverly placed protruding sculpted forms that embolden the look of the car. I also love the rear spoiler; it has a unique non-categorical look. It's a very ergonomic look that's suitable for ones hand to hold it and lift the car (at least from the rear). I'm also in love with the styling of the taillights. It has a luxurious style that reminds me of a Bentley  Infact, this is the first part of the car that caught my eyes: the taillights. They sort of standout! And upon doing some research, it looks like the Bentley Mulsanne might have had an influence on this new Dodge Magnum design.

Observe the design/analysis below.

Now in regards to the styling glory of the Dodge Magnum - both old and new - only the Mercedes Shooting Brake comes close. Close but not close. Take a look below and compare the swag levels. 

Nice bodywork, but the rear profile comes to much towards a point. That little thing alone makes me think of a geriatric frown! (lol)

This view is super hott!!

In this view, again, the rear profile comes too much towards a point.

Nice view! But the c-pillar reminds me of the ugly Mercedes R-Class crossover-wagon-sedan And the tail looks too long!

 This is another nice view

Now, do you observe how for each view of the Mercedes Shooting Brake, I gave a different critique? The Mercedes Shooting Brake isn't hot from every angle. With different angles of photography, there's something nice, more nice, or less nice about it. Compare that type of analysis to the Dodge Magnum wagon. That station wagon (and I thoroughly regret using that term) is hot from every single angle. There's nothing better than a car that's perfecto in design when looked at from every possible angle. Kudos to Dodge!

Perfect body height or "thickness" all throughout the length of the car. Contrast that with the side view of the Mercedes Shooting Brake above. Can you see the differences?

Massive, bold bully-ish grille with sympathetically large headlamps

Now some may say how can I compare a Mercedes to a Dodge. My answer is, "I just did"! Styling is always up for commentary. Brand is the awareness of an association of something great about something. For example, Mercedes is known for great car design (and maybe engineering), but if Mercedes messes up and designs an ugly car compared to what fans or customers of Mercedes are aware of then so be it! A design is a design. It can be ugly or it can be nice. And there in lies the possibility to exist for an automobile of a high caliber of design and engineering to look worse than an automobile in lower brand category - just because of a design execution. Understood?

Also, refer to our previous blog here, to see a previous design analysis on the amazing styling of the Dodge Magnum

- Gebre Mesquitta


  1. Y'all are some Dodge Magnum dick riders...I bet that sorry ass grocery getter can't keep up with the ugly ass R is one thing but performance is another!

  2. ^^^^One of those people ^^^^ that speaks of what he doesn't know!! AKA Idiot!!

    1. Oh excuse me, are you going to sit there and insult me and my lifetime of knowledge about the automobile and the automotive industry?...I am 31 years old and have been around cars all my life! As a matter of fact three out seven of my brothers own their own custom autobody and repair shops ever since we came to Florida in 1989! And I happen to work for the best one in Jacksonville, Florida!!! BREITLING AUTOWORKS....go ahead and Google that shit, son!!...As a matter of fact here's a link to our site: next time you atempt to insult someone, you might want to shut your fuckig cocksucker...and think before you decide to show your fucking ignorance to the whole world, buddy

    2. What a dick. His boyfriend must of dumped him. Just because he sweeeps the floor he thinks he knows about cars. Douchebag.

  3. I have a 2006 dodge magnum and I also have been around cars all of my life . And since I have had the car I have not touched the motor and there is not to many cars out their sport luxury or otherwise that can keep up with it, its the best damn grocery getter and socker mom car I have ever had the privilege of getting getting behind wheel of so who ever you are you self proclaimed auto body guy and car enthusiast your the ignorant ass. Not saying that the magnum is the best but it keeps up with the best

  4. My 07 MSRT has 449 RWHP and 437 F#TQ...Not the fastest wagon or car out there, but she gets it done. I have come across a few C- Class and some M series cars, and truth be told, we are all about the same. at a rolling 40 I will take all of them for a ride minus the 2012 and up M series (Quick as Hell). the issue is the gearing on the C class is not like that of my MOMMY mobile, and is not made for racing, just getting the Nanny to daycare and back without getting stuck in Traffic. Dont mock the Magnum as it is not a car to be messed with once you get into the RT and SRT realms. Now I have done some work to my ride, full exhaust and intake with cam. but bone stock I ran a 12.98 1/4 in Houston. I now am in the mid 11's. Not too shabby for 4200 LB Wagon. I love all these cars, and If you are ignorant to bash them than it shows your intellect, and immaturity. Respect the cars for what they are and move on. God bless High Horsepower Cars, and smile cause when yo u say something stupid, it makes others smile!

  5. I am also a lifelong lover of Maggie. 08 se model was on my arm for a while. Yes, the 2.7L engine was inadequate (the 3.5L should have opened the base models after 05, might've saved her reputation in the end). The suspension and ear splitting rattles over bumpy roads were my biggest obstacles. Brakes neve stopped squealing, and an engine oil leak never stopped, had multiple mechanics working on both issues... For naught, in the end. She looked amazing, but was a true product of the Chrysler curse (american car reputation curse, really). An E-class suspension and line manufacture was a prime opportunity... That was ruined by shoddy LX technology and complete shite rubber bushings and the LXs failed flawed and complete reliance on the secondary front tension strut mounts to smooth out the entire 4800lb load over pothole roads. A mazda crx I'm in now has a superior ride and suspension absorption. A shame. I loved her look and drive, but the Magnum was still a product of her family. ... like the prettiest girl being fought over on the Jerry Springer show

  6. I currently own 06 SRT. I have always wanted a Magnum but I am disappointed with the one I bought. I wil tell anyone, 22" rims are not for the V6. They are horrible for he transmission, brakes and suspesnsion. Considering i bought it used, I am not sure how the previous owner treated it. My dream of having one is a CRUSHED reality.

  7. old subject, but how do you own an SRT with a V6? and why are you putting 22" wheels on it?