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Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Aston Martin Music" .."All the Way Turned Up!" (K.I.S.S!! Aston Martin V12 Zagato)

"Aston Martin Music" is playing louder than ever! The Aston Martin company has done it again!! We thought they had reached the pinnacle with the exclusive One-77, but the all new Zagato V12 is just phenomenal and blows the One-77 out of the water!!! Before we begin and start dissecting this design beauty, lets pause for a moment and look at it's stats. The car's 510bhp comes from a powerful 6.0L V12, and rear wheel drive, coupled with stunning curves and a unique body that make's the car's overall appearance a K.I.S.S. Keep It Stupid Sexy!!!
The body though does remind me of a combination between the classic Nissan Z line, and various Ferrari  models. The curves are powerful but not brute to make the vehicle look too masculine. The nasally front end creates the effect that  this car is a gnarly fire breathing beast just waiting to unleash it's power. The five spoke open air rims allow air to just slip right in and eliminate the majority of the extreme heat.

 As we compare the side profiles, lets notice a trend going here. First we see the motorcycle helmet inspired design applied to the sloping C-pillars and the Aston Martin's blacked out A-pillar. Notice the muscle bulge that forms the shoulder, which delivers a smooth transition from the main character body line. The greenhouse on these vehicles have a swoop-fast-back design imitating a car that is always in motion even at a standstill.

Singing in my Chrisette Michele voice, "Aston Martin music..MUSIC!"

- Jamal Mcclean

"Aston Martin Music"

“Aston Martin Music” is the hottest Hip-Hop track that I have ever heard play on the radio. I can play it over and over and over and over again, and still want to keep playing it. With its beautiful, melodious instrumentals, hard-knocking beats, dizzying bass, and rough, sensuous, and playful vocals, it is truly the embodiment the Aston Martin music brand.
Nothing rings the tune of “Aston Martin Music” more loudly than the new Aston Martin One-77. This car is the most explicit, aggressive design that I’ve ever witnessed arrive out of the Aston Martin design studios. Beginning at the front of the car is a super, hyper aggressive look which is achieved by an additional design - the fierce-looking air intakes positioned on the far left and right of the front fascia. The effect of these air intakes is emboldened by fins that sweep into them imparting a shark-ish appearance. The fins alone are beautifully imaginative, and makes for the audio-visualization of whirring sheets of air being swallowed up through the inlets. Also, having an additional impact on the powerful look of the front fascia is the massive front grille; it resembles the huge death face of a killer shark at sea. Yeah! You know that “I’m going to kill you/you gonna die look! The last addition to the powerful look of the front end of the car is the inward-sweeping headlamps. These give a nice wrap up the front-end design of the car.

Moving on to the side of this Aston Martin One-77 is a huge imprint into the front quarter panel and driver and passenger doors. It is almost is as if the metal here was previously soft - as if in a molten state - and someone slammed a trident spear sideways into it, breaking the handle off in the process, and leaving the trident. The trident was then yanked out before the metal cooled and left that ferocious menacing trident shape! This shape in the side panel revs up the overall hyper-aggressive look of the Aston Martin One-77. This combined with a highly pronounced rear shoulder is what defines the One-77 most of all.

Skipping around to the rear of the car is a massive lower body opening housing a row of huge impressive air dams! These impart onto the car, a look of withering potential speed! Moving up from this picturesque look of rapidity, is the taillight, which is one big wrap-around piece that resembles a highly condensed letter C rotated 180 degrees. This design of the rear light concludes wonderfully, the entire design of the Aston Martin One-77.

- Gebre Mesquitta

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Out in the Streets...."(Customized Cars Sighting)

So I was busy at work in my office when I saw two immensely customized vehicles roar down California Avenue, past my window, make a U-turn and then park not too far from my office. I immediately jumped up straining my neck at the window to see what model cars these were. I could instantly recognize one as a '90s Chevy Impala, but the other, I couldn’t discern the model.
Unfortunately, because my brother destroyed my digital camera, and I recently smashed my cellphone (no functioning cellphone camera lol), I had no means of taking any pictures to capture the splendid sight of these gorgeously customized cars. But then all of a sudden, I realized that my cute Mexican supervisor, had an iphone – and of course these have awesome camera resolutions. Well they're not enough as my digital camera's resolution, but its five megapixels of resolution turned to be great enough to capture what I wanted to exhibit about these cars.

Now let me say this: there is something unique about an old-model customized car. It is that the effect of the customization erases its age. It makes age non-existent!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The 2013 Ford Taurus

       So Earl Lucas has done it again! The iconic design of the 2010 Ford Taurus has been updated for 2013. It looks better than ever, and is a perfect design progression from the previous model. I’m somehow spellbound that this re-design achieved such perfection. It’s unbelievable; Ford is going above and beyond what I ever thought they could achieve, and I’m extremely proud of them right now. I believe the sky is now the limit at Ford! In addition, Earl Lucas is an unstoppable powerhouse and a blessing to the Ford design studios.
       As I looked at the first pictures of the new 2013 Ford Taurus, something looked different. I realized a grown-up appearance, a combination of maturity and finesse. The grille has a newly improved shape. And the lower grille has a shape sympathetic to the lower half of the upper grille. In addition, there is a new little design flair on the left and right sides of the lower grille. This is the main speaker to the “new, mature” look.

       On the side of the car, everything else is pretty much the same, no more beautiful and no less beautiful. However, moving on to the rear there are some precise and careful improvements. The dual rear exhaust pipes which were previously in one location have been moved to separate locations at the far left and right of the rear end. Also above it the design feature that makes up the lower end of the rear fascia, and that also surrounds the exhaust pipes, has been pushed further to the left and rear of the center of the rear end.
Take a look below to see a comparison of the previous Ford Taurus rear, and the new 2013 Ford Taurus. The difference is in the details...(lol)

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       Moving on to the interior, I become speechless. The interior of the Ford Taurus is of pure luxury, and on par with any Japanese or European import. It’s caressing, curvaceous, luscious, and seducing. I feel the touch of a woman when I gaze at it. It’s stimulating and perfect, and begging you to enjoy the experience!

High class, top of the line entertainment and electronics.....feel the touch......and the effect...already!

Now lets play the rest of this "single". Sit back and listen to the beauty!

Singing, "go Ford, go Ford, go Ford, go Ford!"

- Gebre Mesquitta