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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SRT Viper...The Breakdown! Feminine ID (Industrial Design)

"Feminine ID"! It was first coined here, on the SeraniTafari Street Team blog! Well, I had already come up with the term before, but it was only relegaded to scribbled notes on my drawings. But feminine ID, I will here define, is my terminology for the inclusion of female design (feminine shapes or forms) into the realm of industrial design, it's subsidiary in this case being car design.

See below as I illustrate my observations of the "naked lady on the beach". It is hidden in plain sight! Well we guys probably find that out first :).

Okay looking at the picture above, can you picture "the naked woman on the beach"? She could either be standing, sitting, or lying down. And as for laying down, she could either be lying on her back or lying on her stomach. The profile that would fit this automobile silhoutte to a T would be the naked woman lying on her back! If you carefully notice the contours of the car, you will see that the roof has a topography that matches the female bust profile! It fits neatly into the contour of the roof. Someone hit that button! "That was easy! That was very clever of the designers. This type of organic female form integration into the car body is super hot! It's subtle, and nearly secret, with a little bit of a wow factor. Great job Ralph Giles!

Now observe the sequential analysis below, picture by picture. Enjoy :)

The SRT Viper's ingenious inclusion of feminine design into its car body design has now further inspired me as a "student" of car design. I'm definitely going to look back at some of my car sketches to see how I can innovate futher carbody designs using feminine forms. All it takes is different brushes, different strokes, and keeping it interestingly imaginative with appropriate measure.

- Gebre Mesquitta

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Viper Teaser is on Facebook!

Well the SRT division of Dodge has released a Viper teaser on Facebook! Can you see the "naked woman on a beach here"? Due to my previous life drawing courses for my industrial design major (specializing in transportation design) and ofcourse, because of my great appreciation for female design and it's numerous occasions of inclusion in my own designs, I think I see it! In the next follow up blog, I'll show you how I see it :).

- Gebre Mesquitta

Sunday, January 29, 2012

To be Teased on Facebook! "Like a Naked Woman on a Beach", Says the Designer!

Well I did have high expectations for the new Dodge Viper, especially after Ralph Giles announced it's new design was inspired by a naked woman on a beach. I'm still holding out on this design ingenuity, as I have only seen spyshots of the car - although most of the car is visible except for the front.

Now, I swear if I was designing a car inspired by a naked woman on a beach, I'd start with the rear first and foremost! Additionally, there would be alot more feminine design integrated into the side panels. Hopefully, though, there will be something awesome at the front once that brassiere comes off. And if that won't be enough, maybe Dodge will have some delicious interior design inside the Viper - something sensual and very companionable for a male driver :). Until then we can only speculate. I must admit though, that I'm only a twenty-five percent interested in the big reveal - I'm just saying (lol).

I like the look of the wheels, they seem to be a one-piece machined item. The design of the spokes is somehow very picturesque of the machining action that was done to cut out those shapes. Furthermore, the headlamps at the front look identical to those of  the Chevrolet Corvette, and the grille, from what I can seem to resembles the new Dodge SRT design. 

I like the hints given on the top of the hood. Hopefully it will be something very sexy - once the bra comes off!

Nothing new in the rear.."same-o same-o"
- Gebre Mesquitta

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Hyundai Santa Fe!

The first thing that I recognized when I saw this spied image of the new Hyundai Santa Fe, was that the grillle with the fat chrome slats, boldly resembles the grille,of the previous Ford Fusion! Though I always thought that that particular grille design on the Ford Fusion contained too much chrome, (more chrome than good design lol) I knew it could do well somewhere else - preferably on an SUV (because Ijust love SUVS).

Well it looks like designers at Hyundai studios loved the look too and decided to incorporate it into their Hyundai Santa Fe design. Now here is what I think I did, infact, here is how I think they did it. I believe they decided to use the grille idea, but to also change it up a little by reshaping it. If you look at the current shape, it resembles the grille shape of the new Ford fusion, but upside down and taller. In essesnce, they flipped the shape.

Furthermore, notice how the headlamps do not stop at the "end" of the front view, but continues onto the side of the vehicle. This leaves a "gap" between the end of the hood and the beginning of the front bumper.
Look at the images below, and then look at the image below them to observe the design analysis. Only at SeraniTafari do we go in on car designs like this!

- Gebre Mesquitta

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Chrysler 200 Super S

I think Chrysler needs to stop being so lackadaisical with their designs. They shouldn’t want to have to have aftermarket customizations to make their vehicles design look better. Rather it should be the other way around! The original or stock vehicle should be as as hot as an aftermarket customization, and then it should look ten times better with aftermarket customization. Now don’t get me wrong, this Chrysler 200 Super S does kind of look really nice at least at the front and somewhat at the sides. The headlamps, though, its design, its shape just plucks my nerves. The form is so lethargic, there’s no “speed”. It looks like the designer just really and slowly drew that headlamp shape. It should be sharper, edgier, more dashing, more sexy. It needs to scream! Below I expressed myself on this issue, with a few sketches.

- Gebre Mesquitta

Friday, January 6, 2012

The All New 2013 Ford Fusion

WOW! So an image of the new 2013 Ford Fusion has leaked out! And boy is this baby looking really delicious! Me and my co-writer were just dicussing plans to do some sketches of a new and improved Ford Fusion. But it seems that we might as well forgo that, as a designer at Ford has snatched the ball and run with it! (sighs) Oh look at them, they just took the ball (speeding to the net dribbling the ball). Uh oh! Slam dunk! And the crowd rises with a raucous applause!

Ford design has reached the level of design "on point-ness". From since the debut of the new and redesigned Ford Taurus, I have always been able to expect something hot, fresh, sexy, and yummy to come out of their design studios. Now, just look at the agression in that front fascia. And stay right there, stand still..shhh! Do you hear that "Aston Martin Music" playin' in the background. Yikes! The grille! And do you see the inward slope of the headlamps? People, it's all about the aggression, and tension, and inductive emotion! It makes you wanna go "OWWWW!" Go Ford!!!

Gebre Mesquitta