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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Could GM Say Yes? The Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS! For 2014?

Well I found this image on an automotive Facebook page while car surfing - my daily, time consuming habit. I clicked on the image, and saved it to my desktop for further inspection. Upon my subsequent inspection of zooming in and panning around on the image, I came to the conclusion that rather than a rendering, it is a Photoshop job. And that's because I realized that it has old rims as well as left over lower body pieces from a previous Chevy Monte Carlo model. However, irregardless of whatever Photoshop job this is, I am really digging it, it is quite unique! I love the huge grille cut into the lower front fascia - very truck-ish! I have never seen it like that on any Chevy models to date. It adds anelement of ultra aggression and massive horsepower, which by extension, is also visualized due to the huge bulge in the hood. And further adding to this is the racing stripes on top that enforce a visualization of speed!

Furthermore, with this design of a new Chevrolet Monte Carlo, it seems that the artist combined the pre-2012 Dodge Charger body design with a Chevy Monte Carlo body. That was very clever! This Dodge Charger influence can be seen in the rear rump, the rear profile (including the spoiler), the roofline, as well as in the design of the greenhouse or windows area. The headlamps, with the rectangular prismic design, resembles that of the 1983-1986 model Monte Carlo - a car which was really cool looking - infact almost better looking than all the rest of the models that followed! Hate to say that GM, but that's just what it is! The rest of those Monte Carlo models were just bland, un-artistic garbage that is worthy of being riddled and pierced to pieces with bullets from a .50 caliber machine gun. I can just picture myself doing it too. You know, that gunners area on top of the army Hummve (hahaha) Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta!

Well anyway, let me give you a brief synopsis of the history of the Chevrolet Monte Carlo car. The Monte Carlo was developed by Chevy as a competitor for the Ford Thunderbird. It began its run in 1970 and continued for over 30 years later, until 2007. Below are pictures of the enitre model progression in resume-type chronological order. (Following this line-up is a highly detailed design analysis of some of the Monte Carlos).

6th Generation (production run 2006 - 2007)

Notice the sweeping lines on the side body panels.

6th Generation (production run: 2000 - 2005)

Notice the sweeping lines on the side body panels.

5th Generation (production run: 1995 - 1999)

Now this model is a bit interesting. Notice that this is the only Monte Carlo that doesn't have the sweeping lines on the side body panels! It looks like it veered from the pack? Right? What occurred was the then Chevy Lumina sedan was split into two models. The 4-door sedan was kept as a Chevy Lumina, and a 2-door variant or coupe was labeled as the Monte Carlo.

4th Generation (production run: 1983 - 1986)
Notice the sweeping lines on the side body panels, albeit a bit more subtle

4th Generation (production run:1984 -1988)
Notice the sweeping lines on the side body panels

3rd Generation (production run: 1979)
(Notice the sweeping lines on the side body panels, and it is outlined)

3rd Generation (production run: 1978 - 1980)
(Notice the sweeping lines on the side body panels, albeit a bit more subtle. They're almost disguised by the reflections on the surface).

2nd Generation (Production run: 1977)
(Notice the sweeping lines on the side body panels, they are more pronounced, in addition to being highlighted by an outline).

2nd Generation (production run: 1976)
(Notice the sweeping lines on the side body panels, and they are a bit more pronounced, as they bulge alot).

2nd Generation (production run 1975)
 (Notice the sweeping lines on the side body panels,  are a bit more pronounced -bulgin - here too).

2nd Generation (production run 1975)
(Notice the sweeping lines on the side body panels,  are a bit more pronounced - bulging - here too).

2nd Generation: (production run: 1972)
 (Notice how the sweeping lines on the side body panels are more dashing)!

1st Generation (1973 - 1977)
(Notice the sweeping lines on the side body panels,  are a bit more pronounced -bulgin - here too).

1st Generation (production run: 1970 - 1972)
 (Notice the sweeping lines in succeeding models are pronounced in comparison to this one).

Now let me go over a few of the Monte Carlo models which appeal to me and those which don't and why.

This model isn't too bad....but still a loser anyway!

This model is a loser period!

Look at this picture, it is just so ugly...well no fugly! It looks like "a fish outta water"!

The other two Monte Carlos that I like are the very first 1st generation version (1970), and the 3rd generation 1983 -1988 version. That 1970 version looks dashing I like how the entire body looks like it is an  animation of the sweeping sculpted effects on the sides. It looks lit just wants to take off. I can just hear the engine go "rag-a-ragga rag-a-ragga rag-a-ragga into floored-pedal oblivion!

The 1983-1986 model has that fast, dashing look to it as well. That aspect is gained primarily from the forward slant of the rear profile. It appears ready to tear off the pavement. When I was a kid, every weekend, especially on a Sunday, I used to see that car tearing down the street in front of my house at withering speed!

Another Monte Carlo that I liked alot was the 95 production run. I remember first seeing it as a kid, as I was paging through a National Geographic magazine. The thing that I liked about this car was its overall swift aesthetic - this is achieved without a rear lean-forward profile). Everything looks like it is rushing towards the front headlamps. If you observe closely, that longitudinal line right below the door handles, is a principal player in this achievement. Infact, wait a minute, it is all about this, because if I visually subtract it with my eyes, the car appears less swift! Another thing that I liked about the car was the wheel arches. They werent the usual circular design, but rather kind of squarish - kind of SUV-ish. And in addition, they didn't hug the tires, there's a little bit of space between it and the tire itself. That design lends to a cruising-at-high-speed look.

Now back to the future! Well, at least an attempt to get there!

Reference site:
- Gebre Mesquitta

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Female's Perspective: Interview with the Owner of Whipology 101.Com

       I found out about this female automotive enthusiast about a couple months ago, while adding innumerable heavily automotively inclined Facebook folks to my friend list. I think what attracted me to this person's Facebook profile "Whipology 101", was the name, as well as the logo. I was like,  "Whipology? Hmmn? A lecture on whips (cars)? What new stuff about whips am I about to learn?" But anyway, through some back-end communication, I soon found out that the owner of the page was a female. And, I was a bit surprised because I have never known of any female car enthusiasts. The owner of Whipology 101, is Ashley Jones, and she's someone who hangs with the big bad fellas, guys who worship their rides while hanging out with loads of other guys while playing their car stereos loud, burning rubber, screeching the tires, flinging some curse words now and then,  and maybe even getting into fights here and there. These are the car club gatherings aka the urban car shows where cars ride high on big rims that blare "bling bling". They are essentially huge candy shops where the cars are so deliciously customized that you are just left spazzed out! Yes!

Well let's introduce Ashley Roberts, owner of Whipology 101.Com.

Gebre Mesquitta: How did you come to love cars?

Whipology OneoOne:
I grew up 'round my father who worked on cars and i just always loved cars.

Gebre Mesquitta: Cool! What did you learn?

Whipology OneoOne: A lot! That you have the power to change something that was made to be one way. In other words you can custom fit your car just for you!

Gebre Mesquitta: Oh ok great! What did you like about the cars? The exterior styling? The interior styling? How the car worked?

Whipology OneoOne: All, I love the motor! It's the strength that takes you any were you want to go. Just like we all have a brain, and it can give us images, but if we never line it up with our feet we can make that dream a reality. And that's what a motor is to me!

Gebre Mesquitta: I love the way you describe this! LOVE IT!

Whipology OneoOne: Lol thanks.

Gebre Mesquitta: Have you ever been to a car show? Like an official car show? For example, the North American International Auto Show? Or, the Detroit International Auto Show? If so, define a nice car in your point of view...for example when you see one that you like. Do you have an "OMG" moment?

Whipology OneoOne: When I see a car that is off the scale (extremely beautiful in design), I get goose bumps. It's like I feel in love all over again. I have never been to an official car show, but it's in the future plans to attend a few. The thing that makes a car, to me, is the driver. If he takes pride in his car, then he or she has a nice car, LOL! But the true "OMG" moment is when i see a classic that has been restored, and it has the original color matched and the original interior, with some classic white wall tires. I like big rims but original never fails.

Gebre Mesquitta: Wow!

Whipology OneoOne: Why?

Gebre Mesquitta: Do you know about any female automotive designers? What do you believe a woman's attitude to cars is in general?

Whipology OneoOne: A lot of women like the men that are driving the car, lol. But I don't know of any women designers yet, I hope to rub elbows with them soon. The car community is changing vastly, it has opened the door for a lot of women to hang with the big boys ( car clubs) and mark a territory in the community.

Gebre Mesquitta: Are you a fashionista? Do you like to dress fashionably? What type of car do you own? Can you see your car as an extension of who you are and/or what you wear?

Whipology OneoOne: I am a low-key type person. I can pull the cat out the bag sometimes. I have a lot of shoes and clothes that doesn't reflect what I drive. I currently drive a caddy (Cadillac). With the economy I want to go smaller, like 2013 Altima or Camry, something in that ave. (avenue - direction). But I think I can be a Fashionista at times :)

Gebre Mesquitta: When you go to these urban car shows, what do you wear?

Whipology OneoOne: Black shoes and jeans. Bug spray and sun block lol. I don't go out to impress anyone, it is usually in a field with dirt and bugs, so I go comfy (comfortable) just in case something pops off. lmbo jk.

Gebre Mesquitta: If you got to an official car show, what do you think you'd wear? Would you dress as if you were going on a date?

Whipology OneoOne: Idk,(I don't know) I would more than likely have several options to chose from, with 25 pair of shoes! No heels, that will be too much walking to do so in heels.

Gebre Mesquitta: Even beyond the shoe what wear, as in clothes? Evening dress? Jeans?

Whipology OneoOne: Old navy, vintage, dressy, casual, it varies with what I feel. Dress... I do a lot of sundress in the summer but I'm a must-have dress girl.

Gebre Mesquitta: Do you read car magazines, such as Motor Trend or Car and Driver? What do you think when you see car magazines on a stand at a store (if you have ever seen them)?

Whipology OneoOne: They are for people who do expensive mod's (modifications). They do not focus on the other spectrum of the car inddustry (blk PPL) but I like them, they are very informative, and they give you some thing to look forward to.

Gebre Mesquitta: Do you know about Dub Magazine?

Whipology OneoOne: Yes

Gebre Mesquitta: What do you think about Dub Magazine? It's more urban than the rest...?

WhipoloOneoOne: Dub is a lot more urban...similar to Rides magazine.

Gebre Mesquitta: How would you rate most female drivers compared to men? Do you drive fast? Have you ever driven an SUV? What's the feel when you're driving one? Do you feel a bit of testosterone?

Whipology OneoOne: You feel in control, I"ve had several tickets (paid them all). But I feel in control and that's a lot of steel to control!

Gebre Mesquitta: This is the very last question, I forgot! Are you familiar with the word donk? Do you know the origin?

Whipology OneoOne: Yes, I think it's a 73-76 Chevrolet...can't remember,  but every car is not a donk, lol.

Gebre Mesquitta: It's a style that began in Miami (in Florida), and it refers to the large rims. It is also a slang term derived from African American males describing the vivacious curves of African American females' derriere. Are you aware of that?

Whipology OneoOne: No

Gebre Mesquitta: Wow! Really?

Whipology OneoOne: First time hearing that.

Gebre Mesquitta: I'll be doing an article on it for my blog soon...been working on it for a while.

Whipology OneoOne: Ok, I can't wait to read it.

Gebre Mesquitta: Thanks for answering my many questions.

Whipology OneoOne: Ok thanks you're welcome

       Well for us at the SeraniTafari Street Team, this was a highly insightful interview, and we received new ammunition for integration with our perspective on car design. To deviate a little, I remember once, when I was back in college in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I had taken a girl that I had a crush on to an auto show, the Philadelphia International Auto Show. It was kind of like a date - maybe - but also, an introduction to my world of the ultimate in guy-dom: cars! Cars, cars, and more cars. Sexy, splendid, sensual metal sculpture that moved on wheels. Now, the girl I was with, had never been to an auto show before, and I was really excited to take her there. I couldn't wait to see what the effects of being surrounded by automotive "candyland" would invoke in a girl. I remember this high point, I brought her besides a gleaming chrome Subaru concept car and she became stricken - mouth agape and all! She almost passed out! BTW, no, she had a cargasm :D! That car got it in! (Hahahahaha)

- Gebre Mesquitta

Friday, October 26, 2012

Chevrolet says Mali-BOOYAH! Instead of Malibu, As SEMA-bound Concept Gets Ready for the Streetz!

       I love this Chevrolet Malibu SEMA concept render! It is terrific! I really enjoy how the rear portion of the car sorts of leans into the front. The large wheels, in addition,  prop up the bold, dashing looking, and are easy on the eyes with their eye-catching  sexy, spicy design.
The front of the car is beautiful as well, especially with the lovely body work going on in the lower fascia area.
       Let me start under the headlamps. Look closely at this particular location, here, the headlamp is recessed, or rather it is preceded by a lip (let me just use that automotive wheel terminology for a moment). This lip continues downward, slanting, and achieving a tapered or pointed form as it reaches the lower air intake. Juxtaposed right besides this is another "working" of the metal. You can recognize it by that shape -the first half of it - that nearly resembles a helicopter's tail section (refer to third picture below). Now talking about this overall design, it essentially "comes" off the hood bulge. It's apart of the package (refer to second picture below), so to speak. But what I like about it is how it sits right between the lower air intake and the grille above. It accents the grille and adds to the showing of a powerful design presence at the front of the car. Now, moving back up on the front area of the car, checkout the headlamps. First of all, they are not of a usual bland Chevrolet style to begin with. Second, the design of the inner housing is a bolder design than the exterior design, and it visually coincides with the exterior design of the headlamp, having the effect of looking as if it is apart of it, or is one piece. This is a beautiful effect  of design trick-ology, that gives the entire headlamp a focused and eagle-like appearance. Lastly, moving all the way down on the front fascia - to the fog lamps - is a red inner outline, which matches the red disc brakes. It also complements the body of the car as well - the red against what appears to be a dark navy-ish blue. The color contrast is of of a perfect temperature!

- Gebre Mesquitta

Friday, October 5, 2012

Breaking News: New "info" on the 2014-2015 New Ford Mustang!
       I'm at it again! Here I am again, talking about the new Ford Mustang. Well I spotted this new render of an alleged 2014 Ford Mustang on the Jalopnik automotive website. Immediately catching my eyes was the front fascia, which suprised me, because it apppears that some designer in the studio has become un-lazy, and has embarked on a new design direction. I've been seeing quite alot of these types of front fascias recently -
due to my constant rummaging through Facebook car sketch pages, etc. - and I really love them. I like to call this particular type of design, metal folds, as it looks like the metal folds in in some areas and then comes back out somewhere else. It's quite a delicious design amusement. Looking further, I see the Ford Evos (concept) grille - or even the Ford Fusion grille - is still there, and nothing is wrong with that. However, I do think that it could be a tad bit taller.
           Furthermore, I don't know what the emblem on the grille is! First of all, it makes the grille look like a derivative of the Dodge crosshair grille, but instead, now it is a grille with a literal crosshair - if you know what I mean. Now, moving on to the side, here the body is a bit blah-zay, although I do admire the deep creased intrusion carved into the metal. I also like how it is given a "salute" with a lead-in crease that begins at the edge of the front headlamp. And, I enjoy how it appears to be going through the wheel fender and coming back out on the other side! In addition, I also see what appears to be a more noticeable rump in the rear wheel fender area. Infact, it is a very Pre-2012 Dodge Charger-esque rump! It is a splitting copy of it! To the detail! Just look at it as it jaggedly comes to an end above the driver's-side door lock! See, I knew I loved that beautiful crease that the previous Dodge Charger had cut into its rear quarter panel. Yeah! I knew it! And now look at it being copied (hahaha). I'm not mad at Ford for doing it, but rather, I'm mad at Dodge for not keeping that  design feature in the newer Charger model! :(. Oh, and I forgot to mention, what the hell happened to the circular headlamps that rightfully have been a part of the Ford Mustang retro-futuristic design? This has to be included in any new redesign! Come on y'all! (screams)

Here is a link to the article where I got this latest Mustang render from:

Also, in my design critique of the latest Ford Mustang render, I referred to the Dodge Charger quite a few times. You can checkout my previous article on the Dodge Charger's design at the following link:

- Gebre Mesquitta

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Retro Looks to Leave New Ford Mustang? Huh? Say What? (Mic Check Part 1 of 2)

       Well, I have written quite a few Mustang blogs it seems. That's because the Mustang is just a nice damn car that contains a perfect blend of retro-futuristic styling. Today's Mustang blog is a little different however, it's about my slight dissatisfaction with the inspiration that they say will be infused into the next Mustang model, which according to sources will hit the market as a 2014 or 2015 model. The particular car, they say, of which the inspiration will be extracted from, is the 2011 Ford Evos concept. I have seen that concept  floating all around the internet and I'm not to excited about it. I have channeled that frustration into a preliminary, and experimentation-sketch of my own musings for a new Ford Mustang concept. Now, let me say something, there is a fine line that a manufacture must straddle when updating or re-issuing an update of a retro car. The goal is to bring in today's hi-techy design aesthetic, and merge it with the iconic cues of the previous design. And here, the hoped-for result is for  where you can see the blend of both styles, but still smell a defining whiff of the aroma of that yester-year design.

Proceed to the observations made below...



What do you see in pictures 1, and 2? In the first picture,1, the side view, though containing some nice sculpturistic lines, doesn't look "Mustang" enough in comparison to the second picture, 2. Therefore, what I have done below, is attempt to reinvigorate the real Mustang bloodline, while simultaneously upping the ante.

       If you look carefully above (observing the arrows), you can see two long curving lines that start out - with wide separation - by the front fender, and then in a swooping manner, converges at the rear wheel fender. Right here, a sumptious rump in the rear quarter panel is birthed, and gently dives down a bit over the rear wheel and then curves upward again, running into the tail lamps, which is followed tangentially by a spoiler profile. Also, checkout the lower arrows coming from the front wheel fender, and watch how it invisibly (I made it visible by highlighting it with red arrows) reaches into a sexy, near-derriere curvature into the lower part of the rear fascia (behind the rear wheel). See? You know me, I always try if possible, to put a little bit of the ladies into my automotive designs :)

Ok. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the ride as we show you a ton of otherwise hot pictures of the Ford Evos concept, of which Ford will be drawing some of its inspiration for the new 2014/2015 Ford Mustang concept! You got your popcorn right? (lol)

Also, further your reading at the following sources: 

 - Gebre Mesquitta