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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Delicious Donked Hot Pink Chrysler 300C!

OMG! I'm having a drooling moment! Just look and absorb the beauty of this splendid customized ride. If this car could only be scaled down to a look-alike RC model car version, could it not be a good companion for a barbie doll set?! "Yezzir" ! (in my Lil Wayne voice)! And that would be a great way to bring more girls into the car-loving realm that boys dominate too - not a bad idea? Right, my automotive marketing folks? (hahaha).
       I'm just so in love with this Chrysler! The rich, super hot, ferocious girly pink, gosh, it's simply delicious! And with the fat 30" wheels, it's just screaming, "I'm sooo damn sexy! Come take me out!" The girl besides the car is a fine breed herself, she's looking as fabulous as the car itself. Her caramel complexion coincidentally falls within the warm temperature and complimentary color range of the car's pink. She is automotive-ly fine, and full of "treble" and "bass", and with an easy pretty smile! In addition, she is perfectly dressed too - automotive-ly fashionable - with her hot pink mini-skirt matching the cars terrific pink paint job. Her top is also just as gorgeous, with its particular design-fit aiding a thorough amplification of her buxom-ness, and with the sunny pink and floral patterns alluding to the greenhouse, which is bathed in sunlight.  Pausing to look at the skirt again (I can't stop looking), is the perfect leg display, as her pose, with that thick thigh piece, is in the same league as the car's rear c-pillar!
       All in all, the car and the girl represents one of the main things that the SeraniTafari Street team is about: the analogy of beautiful car design as per on par with beautiful female "design".What you have here is steel and flesh beauty and fashion. A sexy car and a sexy female are one and the same - same forces at play, if you know what I mean.

Below is a link to the original picture of the car:
The owner of the car is Kelsey Johnson.
P.S. Ain't no girl can match her as of yet! Infact, the only way for another girl to match this bad chick's swagger level, is to do a replica of her car - and that wouldn't be cool, because that would be just straight out copying (lol).

Now just sit bck and enjoy some more pictures of this car! Fall in love with this beautiful pink rose!

I love the effect given to this picture! It looks as if it is a scale model on a desktop! If only that was the case -   and it was available for purchase - with remote control!

Like Rick Ross say, "Like a BAWSE!"

Think about this rose! Hahaha! Not even this is as pretty as that car! Or maybe it is! Maybe the car is its automotive equivalent!

- Gebre Mesquitta