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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Hummer SUV

Hummer evolution and design critique
The Hummer! “This is why I’m hot / This is why I’m hot / I’m hot caz I’m fly / You aint caz you not!” If the Hummer could talk, this is exactly what it would say. The look of the hummer is defined by a couple of features, its boxy shape, its stance, and the front fascia. The “look” also reaches up onto the hood, where there lies a big vent, and stylishly integrated airlift hooks. I love the airlift hooks, it is a beautiful leftover of military applications (derived from the military Hummvee).

Now onto the front of the vehicle, the front fascia is the most slammin’ feature of the hummer. With its slotted grille and round headlamps, it gives the Hummer a fierce, prowling, growling, big cat appearance; and makes the it look like a vehicular lion. Further aiding in this description, the Hummer is an absolute master of any terrain.With its advanced state-of-the-art 4-wheel drive. It can go anywhere and everywhere  It is the absolute king of 4-wheel drive.

To put it simply, the hummer is just bad-ass. It’s spilling with mad sex appeal and is just sooo cool to look at! When you pass it on the street, it sort of gives off a “middle-finger” attitude. It "talks" to you! It says, “I am the sh*t! I’m soo f^%k$#g cool! Just look at me! Just get outta ma way man! MOVE! 'Cause I’m hot and everybody loves me! You know it! F%$k if you don’t like me, you can kiss my ass, I m the sh&t!”
The Hummer is sex-ily boyish and hyper-masculine. It brims with testosterone. It’s Americana at its best - big bad Americana. The Hummer is full of himself. He glares rudely at you like a feisty cat. His styling talks to you, screws at you and laughs deridingly at you. You gotta love the Hummer. Long live the Hummerrrrr. Hummer now, Hummer forever!

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