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Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Ford Mustang/ Nelly Edition

        The last autoshow I attended was the Philadelphia International Autoshow in Philadelphia, PA. I had attended the previous year as well, but this one was special. Have you ever been on a lucky streak before? Well I ran into one. It began with me winning two tickets to the Philadelphia International Autoshow from a contest held on the Philadelphia Autoshow Facebook page. I was so elated when the tickets came in the mail. I wanted to attend the show, but I was still in collge back then and broke too. My plan had been to take me and a girl I was dating to the show and you know, have fun! With me winning the tickets I spared some change, and was able to treat my date to a luxurious dinner at a fine Jamaica restaurant after I came back from visiting the show. (Uhmm yeah, girls and cars is good stuff lol). But anyway, winning the tickets to the car show was the first part of my winning streak, the other would be fulfilled later.
        During my hours and hours of looking at some of the hottest cars I could rest my eyes on, as well as posing besides the splendid vehicles and taking pictures, I ran unknowingly into the Dub booth (Dub is an affiliated trademark of Dub Magazine, an automotive lifestyle magazine, and which also does, car customizations, and car show tours). Here my vision was snatched away by a splendiferous "all blacked-out" automobile of the most highest level of gorgeousness. I immediately went over to this car and immediately evolved into a trance! I repeatedly shuffled back and forth from different sides of the car in a daze, while astonishingly admiring the beauty of the vehicle. I was literally speechless! What took my breath way most, however, was the rims - the Dub rims! These were of a style I had never seen before. I don't even know or (if I was told) remember what the name for the particular rim style was. They were all black too, and the front rims were different from the rear in that they were less recessed than those at the rear. The effect of this style was an appearance of depth. A heavy, gripping depth. (Some aspects of design just can't be explained normally, there's just not enough words in the English language). But man oh man, these rims just dazzled the crap out of my eyes. And the lovely Dub customization of the vehicle itself just made it pop more. It made it bang! This Dub Edition of the Ford Mustang is the best looking Mustang I have ever seen! Period! What I was wondering while observing the car though, is why the expletive won't Ford just make the Mustangs like this directly out of the factory! This car is HOT! It's so f**kin' HOTT!!
        Now, moving on, here is where the second streak of my luck came in. As me and my friend, Jamal (co-founder of SeraniTafari Street Team) were roaming to and from around the Ford Mustang, we caught the attention of Myles Kovacs (the co-founder and CEO of Dub Magazine). He enjoyed how we were admiring his car, and decided to have us critique it for his TV crew. I was like, "What!  Ok!" I was besides myself with happiness, and in addition, I was caught off gaurd too.(Hahaha) But we both went for it. Infact, describing that car for the camera is what I believe gave me the preliminary idea of writing a blog about cars. I love to talk about a vehicle's design - the intricacies about its design concept that give it character.
        Anyway, after the critique of the Ford Mustang for TV, we met with Myles Kovacs and conversed for a while - mostly about the his Mustang design/concept that sat before us, as well as other topics like how he started out. He was cool as hell! Too cool! I felt the urge to just tell him about all kinds of car design ideas that I have in mind. We posed and took some pics. I'm like "yay! I'm getting a picture with a celebrity!" Finally, before leaving, and ofcourse - as an aspiring car designer and wheel designer, I asked him for his businesscard. I'm so glad he had one that day, because hat card is one of my most prized pieces of contact information, I call it the gold card (Haha).
        Well, yall readers, try to enjoy digitally what I enjoyed in the flesh that day. The 2011 Ford Mustang Dub/Nelly Edition!

Can't you just hear the exhaust note!!

"All Black Everything!" Yeah mon!



-Gebre Mesquitta


  1. I watched the making of this car man! Awesome! Just awesome! And this car with Nelly! Yo man! They stand for Awesomeness! BLACK,.. Black is SEXY

  2. Jupiter thanks for the comment! Yes, indeed, this Mustang is one heck of a splendiferous automotive customization!