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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The 2011 Ford Explorer

My first love of SUVs began when I was, I think, eight years old. It was a 1993 Ford Explorer, advertised in a National Geographic magazine that honestly just spoke to me. I really just loved the appearance of that truck. My admiration stemmed from, simply, its design. It had a boyish, and gently boxy aesthetic. I loved the design and look of the head lamps the most, however. I don’t know why, but I know that I just had an appreciation of the pattern in which the amber lights were laid out within the broader headlamp design.. It had a polite demeanor. I also liked the wheels too, they were sporty and dynamic-looking. In addition, I also loved the trim level that this 1993 Ford Explorer was styled in. I particularly remember the model in the National Geographic magazine advertisement being of a light-ish type dark green, with tan trim. This color combination on the Ford Explorer was my favorite ever! I swear I wouldn’t drive any other model!

       The Ford Explorer was updated in 1995. Its design was made more curvier, and the headlamps were styled sympathetically to this appearance as well. It was a beautiful redesign. I absolutely loved it. In addition, the new wheels were quite hot too. Looking back through my mind at the new model, I would describe it as hip (it was was hip before “hip” became an aspiration in car design). Using words of the present to describe the past, I would say that the wheels were blingy too!

       Well, now, for 2011, Ford has reinvented the Ford Explorer again. It is another progression of a succession of hotness. I am really impressed with Ford’s new Explorer. The new Explorer is beautiful with a unique out-of-the-box design language. It also looks urban and is nearly “hip-hoppish” in appearance - predominantly in the bold look of the front fascia and other styling cues. The 2011 Ford Explorer is so hot in its basic design that once you slap on some aftermarket customization items on it, it appears immediately fit for a rap video - yeah you know that stuff that will make a car real popular! Some hip-hop musician needs to get this truck in a music video ASAP! Yeah! Because this 2011 Ford Explorer is hot!! Good work Ford! Keep it up!

One thing about the blacked-out A and B-pillars on the new Explorer, is that it lends the eye to pay less attention to the "excluded" (window area) and  more attention to the remaining body of the vehicle. And the remaining body of the Ford Explorer is comprised of new and innovative body language, such as the chiseled-like indentations into the body panels as noted in the first descriptive picture (above).

Okay now enjoy these hot pictures of the new 2011 Ford Explorer below....ummmm yummy! Pure deliciousness!

Customized Version
Customized Version
- Gebre Mesquitta

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