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Friday, November 9, 2012

A Female's Perspective: Interview with the Owner of Whipology 101.Com

       I found out about this female automotive enthusiast about a couple months ago, while adding innumerable heavily automotively inclined Facebook folks to my friend list. I think what attracted me to this person's Facebook profile "Whipology 101", was the name, as well as the logo. I was like,  "Whipology? Hmmn? A lecture on whips (cars)? What new stuff about whips am I about to learn?" But anyway, through some back-end communication, I soon found out that the owner of the page was a female. And, I was a bit surprised because I have never known of any female car enthusiasts. The owner of Whipology 101, is Ashley Jones, and she's someone who hangs with the big bad fellas, guys who worship their rides while hanging out with loads of other guys while playing their car stereos loud, burning rubber, screeching the tires, flinging some curse words now and then,  and maybe even getting into fights here and there. These are the car club gatherings aka the urban car shows where cars ride high on big rims that blare "bling bling". They are essentially huge candy shops where the cars are so deliciously customized that you are just left spazzed out! Yes!

Well let's introduce Ashley Roberts, owner of Whipology 101.Com.

Gebre Mesquitta: How did you come to love cars?

Whipology OneoOne:
I grew up 'round my father who worked on cars and i just always loved cars.

Gebre Mesquitta: Cool! What did you learn?

Whipology OneoOne: A lot! That you have the power to change something that was made to be one way. In other words you can custom fit your car just for you!

Gebre Mesquitta: Oh ok great! What did you like about the cars? The exterior styling? The interior styling? How the car worked?

Whipology OneoOne: All, I love the motor! It's the strength that takes you any were you want to go. Just like we all have a brain, and it can give us images, but if we never line it up with our feet we can make that dream a reality. And that's what a motor is to me!

Gebre Mesquitta: I love the way you describe this! LOVE IT!

Whipology OneoOne: Lol thanks.

Gebre Mesquitta: Have you ever been to a car show? Like an official car show? For example, the North American International Auto Show? Or, the Detroit International Auto Show? If so, define a nice car in your point of view...for example when you see one that you like. Do you have an "OMG" moment?

Whipology OneoOne: When I see a car that is off the scale (extremely beautiful in design), I get goose bumps. It's like I feel in love all over again. I have never been to an official car show, but it's in the future plans to attend a few. The thing that makes a car, to me, is the driver. If he takes pride in his car, then he or she has a nice car, LOL! But the true "OMG" moment is when i see a classic that has been restored, and it has the original color matched and the original interior, with some classic white wall tires. I like big rims but original never fails.

Gebre Mesquitta: Wow!

Whipology OneoOne: Why?

Gebre Mesquitta: Do you know about any female automotive designers? What do you believe a woman's attitude to cars is in general?

Whipology OneoOne: A lot of women like the men that are driving the car, lol. But I don't know of any women designers yet, I hope to rub elbows with them soon. The car community is changing vastly, it has opened the door for a lot of women to hang with the big boys ( car clubs) and mark a territory in the community.

Gebre Mesquitta: Are you a fashionista? Do you like to dress fashionably? What type of car do you own? Can you see your car as an extension of who you are and/or what you wear?

Whipology OneoOne: I am a low-key type person. I can pull the cat out the bag sometimes. I have a lot of shoes and clothes that doesn't reflect what I drive. I currently drive a caddy (Cadillac). With the economy I want to go smaller, like 2013 Altima or Camry, something in that ave. (avenue - direction). But I think I can be a Fashionista at times :)

Gebre Mesquitta: When you go to these urban car shows, what do you wear?

Whipology OneoOne: Black shoes and jeans. Bug spray and sun block lol. I don't go out to impress anyone, it is usually in a field with dirt and bugs, so I go comfy (comfortable) just in case something pops off. lmbo jk.

Gebre Mesquitta: If you got to an official car show, what do you think you'd wear? Would you dress as if you were going on a date?

Whipology OneoOne: Idk,(I don't know) I would more than likely have several options to chose from, with 25 pair of shoes! No heels, that will be too much walking to do so in heels.

Gebre Mesquitta: Even beyond the shoe what wear, as in clothes? Evening dress? Jeans?

Whipology OneoOne: Old navy, vintage, dressy, casual, it varies with what I feel. Dress... I do a lot of sundress in the summer but I'm a must-have dress girl.

Gebre Mesquitta: Do you read car magazines, such as Motor Trend or Car and Driver? What do you think when you see car magazines on a stand at a store (if you have ever seen them)?

Whipology OneoOne: They are for people who do expensive mod's (modifications). They do not focus on the other spectrum of the car inddustry (blk PPL) but I like them, they are very informative, and they give you some thing to look forward to.

Gebre Mesquitta: Do you know about Dub Magazine?

Whipology OneoOne: Yes

Gebre Mesquitta: What do you think about Dub Magazine? It's more urban than the rest...?

WhipoloOneoOne: Dub is a lot more urban...similar to Rides magazine.

Gebre Mesquitta: How would you rate most female drivers compared to men? Do you drive fast? Have you ever driven an SUV? What's the feel when you're driving one? Do you feel a bit of testosterone?

Whipology OneoOne: You feel in control, I"ve had several tickets (paid them all). But I feel in control and that's a lot of steel to control!

Gebre Mesquitta: This is the very last question, I forgot! Are you familiar with the word donk? Do you know the origin?

Whipology OneoOne: Yes, I think it's a 73-76 Chevrolet...can't remember,  but every car is not a donk, lol.

Gebre Mesquitta: It's a style that began in Miami (in Florida), and it refers to the large rims. It is also a slang term derived from African American males describing the vivacious curves of African American females' derriere. Are you aware of that?

Whipology OneoOne: No

Gebre Mesquitta: Wow! Really?

Whipology OneoOne: First time hearing that.

Gebre Mesquitta: I'll be doing an article on it for my blog soon...been working on it for a while.

Whipology OneoOne: Ok, I can't wait to read it.

Gebre Mesquitta: Thanks for answering my many questions.

Whipology OneoOne: Ok thanks you're welcome

       Well for us at the SeraniTafari Street Team, this was a highly insightful interview, and we received new ammunition for integration with our perspective on car design. To deviate a little, I remember once, when I was back in college in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I had taken a girl that I had a crush on to an auto show, the Philadelphia International Auto Show. It was kind of like a date - maybe - but also, an introduction to my world of the ultimate in guy-dom: cars! Cars, cars, and more cars. Sexy, splendid, sensual metal sculpture that moved on wheels. Now, the girl I was with, had never been to an auto show before, and I was really excited to take her there. I couldn't wait to see what the effects of being surrounded by automotive "candyland" would invoke in a girl. I remember this high point, I brought her besides a gleaming chrome Subaru concept car and she became stricken - mouth agape and all! She almost passed out! BTW, no, she had a cargasm :D! That car got it in! (Hahahahaha)

- Gebre Mesquitta

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