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Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Murder She Wrote!" German Body Shop Tricks out a Lincoln Navigator!

"Tell a bad bwoy pon de corner fi move from arnia / caz we ah dangerous! / Dangerrrrrroussss! Seen!" Well I'm speaking in my Jamaican dialect, here is the English translation: Tell the boys on the corner to move from around here, because we are  dangerous, they wouldn't want to mess with us! Dig it! Those are the words from a couple stanzas from "Bad Boys" by Shyne and Barrington Levy. They fit perfectly with this ultra bad boy  customization of the Lincoln Navigator by Anderson of Germany. Folks at Anderson decided to kill the Lincoln Navigator  and they are now in court to face charges of murder of the first degree! Hahaha, well the usually boring, non enthusiastic, lazy styling of the Lincoln Navigator is dead with this edition. Big ups Germany! Because you did a great job! Now fast forward to 3:08 to hear the stanza that Barrington Levy sings - that's the sound track for this Lincoln Navigator!

Ok, now engage in the design critique below.

Just look at this view! This is downright the best looking Lincoln Navigator ever! This is the only production version of the Lincoln Navigator that should ever be in existence! Period!

Look at these rims! Raw sexual aggression! See her fingernails diggin' into your back as she goes "purrrrrr" at bedtime! Hahahaha

These wheels on this Navigator are dramatic, they impart to the truck a "clawing-at-the-road" resemblance. And the dual exhaust tips gives off the aura of lots of horsepower! Think "ready to go right now"! You can already hear the engine growl. Like Missy Elliott says in the intro in Jazmin Sullivan's "I Need You Bad", "Let's go!"

Checkout the interior!

The interior is of lush European beauty, and it's almost on par with a Mercedes or a Bentley. I love the black lines of definition. It sort of outlines what you should look at. Like Nas says, "I made you Look!"

- Gebre Mesquitta

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