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Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Out in the Streetz..." Customized Lincoln Town Car

I saw this tricked out Lincoln Town car while walking one day, and I stopped to snap a picture because it is a bit different in its customization theme, in addition to looking much more tolerating to my taste buds than the original retiree-looking, geriatric-ward type (lol) plane Jane Lincoln Town Car.
       The first interesting area on this customized Lincoln Town car is the chrome plating on the lower body. It reminds me of the kickplates on a home entry door, but also, is dramatic in effect, due to the mirror like, and highly reflective surface. The look adds a cool extra dimension to the car! Furthermore, if you look carefully, you will also see that the lower body chrome trim stops a strategic distance from the ends of the front and rear bumpers. I love this! Whoever did this custom job has employed some design intelligencia! The effect that I witness is that the chrome cut-off lends a SUV-ish appearance to the bumpers, especially where the trim stops and curves upward to the front amber turn signal.The chrome effect also reaches up over the wheel wells, imparting nice chrome fenders to the large expressive wheels. These 5-spoke wheels are perfect fit for the car, and is beautifully sympathetic to the chrome trim making it stand out and giving it a nice flow - so to speak.
       Now move your eyes to the upward rear of the car, just behind the front passenger window. Here, the rear of the car seems to me sectioned off in a kingly manner, with a near gold trim that outlines the bottom and right sides of the rear passenger window and reaches up onto the roof to connect the other side. It makes the rear passenger compartment seem special.
       Finally, bring your eyes back down to the bottom of the car. Here the thick sexy tires (protruding beyond the wheel well) gives the car a bold, pretty stance. The fat tires exude a bass line! As the car is standing still it is also moving. I see boomin' bass. I hear screeching. I see the rims spinning. Wow! someone has made a Lincoln Town Car look sexy! Kudos to the owner!

- Gebre Mesquitta

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  1. Shit looks ghetto now. Overdone....