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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Out in the Streetz..." (But She Caught me!) Customized 1994 Chevrolet Suburban!

Checkout that grille! Chrome flames!
Last week while at work, I was leaving a location where I just completed a marketing promotion and happened to pass a nicely customized Chevrolet Suburban parked outside. I kept looking at it and wondering if I might snap a picture. There were some houses and apartments nearby and couldn't be sure if the owner would suddenly show up or pop his or her head out the window and inquire about my merry picture taking. While continuing to walk forward I had a change of heart, and walked backwards to get in position to snap some pictures. I didn't think I could let this one slip me, I might never seen it again! And I liked the black-on-chrome design theme as well as the unique chrome-flame type grille.
       Now, a confirmation of my previous thoughts was about to enter reality. Just as I was snapping my last picture of the truck and was ready to leave, here comes the owner! I was like, "Aww shit! It was a heavy set  African American woman and she was on her phone approaching the vehicle.  I heard a pause in the phone conversation and and an utterance that sounded something like "Ah!" as if she meant, "What you doing?" I couldn't tell if she wanted to curse at me or what. As she got to the vehicle I was like, "I'm an automotive writer, I write about cars", and then I handed her my business card. She looked at it and gave it back to me and was like "I don't know what you will do with this" - referring to the pictures of her vehicle. I was like, "It will be on the website." Then she was like, I'm I gonna get any money for it?" I laughed to myself (lol). I had thought about that before though - the idea of paying people to take pictures of their cars. It's something that I might do in the future. But in the meantime I will be snappin' pictures as discreetly and as fast as possible and paying out nothing!

View the pictures below

Checkout the "all chrome everything" (my terminology) over the main black body. There's chrome over the wheel fenders along the bottom of the door combined with thick solid chrome wheels and the chrome front bumper and headlamp surround.I dig it!

I like the look of the wheels. It has a really solid cast-out-of-chrome appearance.

Checkout this grille! Aint this unique? I've never seen one like this before!

- Gebre Mesquitta

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