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Monday, August 20, 2012

From the Cartape Volumes: Untitled Concept

       Recently, I had the chance to meet Spencer Nugent, the man I dub "the sketch king" and who is the co-founder of and I couldn't miss that opportunity, I had to be there by any means necessary! So it was a nice Saturday afternoon, when I took myself down there and watched him do his magic at a sketch presentation at Columbia College. I was crazy impressed, especially with the way he applied photoshop work to the sketches. I was simply blown away. I call it the art of drawing with light, because in a deeper sense that is what rendering is. It's all about playing with light and darkness!
       Now, I was so into the magical vibes of the sketching that was going on that I ended up being induced into sketching this hot car. It came out better than I though it would, in light of  the quickly rushed moments that I threw together to bang it out, while at the same time trying to not miss a beat of the sketch magic that Spencer Nugent was performing for the gathering of industrial design students and professional industrial designers. In regards to the automotive sketch, I think I was inspired by Bentley and Jaguar. Sometimes, inspiration comes to me along the way or after the fact (lol). I was quite happy with the finished product though, folks were peeping over my shoulder commenting on how hot my sketch was, which was a nice boost to my car sketching ego. I pretty much drew it just to impress those around me anyway (hahaha). I'm just an utter car enthusiast who loves cars to death, and nothing feels better than sketching cars to accolades (hahaha). However, I'm just really getting into the "game" though. I've been a baby here for a while, if you dig what I mean.

- Gebre Mesquitta

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