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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Media Day at the 2013 Chicago International Auto Show: New Range Rover vs. old Range Rover

       For a while I've been grappling with whether or not I liked the new Range Rover. Let me just simply say this: sometimes pictures alone cannot render justice. Sometimes it takes a real life experience to really make a decision. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well I think reality is worth a million! On that note, I've finally changed my attitude towards the new Range Rover. Previously, I disliked it alot, primarily due to the new headlamps and taillights. I thought they resembled that of the Ford Explorer - they do but at the same time they don't, if you can understand it those terms. So while I was attending the Chicago Auto Show, and during the time that I decided to explore my ambiguity of my feelings for the design language of the new Range Rover, I decided to just shoot a commentary video on the spot - live and direct. To describe this video, it's almost as if I'm in a studio, experimenting with ideas for a track. Here, I'm kind of like feeling out my likes and dislikes as the reality of the designs stand before me in real life - not to say I didn't also have prior likes and/or dislikes. Now, in addition to the video below, I will also be doing a follow-up blog showing a pictorial representation of what I am describing in the video, in regards to my admiration for the particular design "stories" being told on the Range Rovers.

Listen carefully, and watch the movement of my finger. 


Gebre Mesquitta

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