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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The All-New Cadillac Escalade of 2015! Redesigned to Perfection!

Well you know how they say that the best things take time to happen? Right? "Yezzir", it takes time and patience to get it just right. Well, that wait is now over, the long awaited re-designed Cadillac Escalade is finally here. To state it simply, and in my Wocka Flocka voice, "round of applause"!
The Cadillac Escalade is America’s most beautiful and unique-est SUV ever. It can hold it’s own against any import. Parked besides any Range Rover or Mercedes SUV, it looks right at home, if not even better! The beauty of the Cadillac Escalade is one that can’t be just recognized but must be observed - close up. It’s in the details! There is a reason for the beauty. This I have described in previous blogs, which you can read at the following links. I will re-state a few of those points as I compare the previous Escalade with the all-new carefully and intelligently remodeled Escalade. 

Carefully observe the pictures below - the winning looks of the automotive Play Boy SUV! We'll show you how the designers re-styled it within reasonable but innovative limits!

Due to the winning looks of the Cadillac Escalade, and it’s hordes of lovers, the designers knew that they must tread carefully when re-designing the vehicle. It’s almost like they had to walk on eggs! And they must have thought about this egg-walk (lol) for a while too (haha), as this is the first-in-a-long-while re-design of the iconic Cadillac Escalade. The Escalade was a pretty boy of flawless looks and addicitve sex appeal. The object was to update the design, and keep and/or increase that sex appeal while keeping as much of those tiny, but unique details that make the Escalade pop. You know, the effort to re-design or modify the aesthetic without pushing away Escalade lovers, “the struggle is real”. But Cadillac made it! They got it right! The new Cadillac Escalade is marvelous! And I'm about to show you just why.

Lets begin at the front of the SUV. The front end now looks more serious, it still has that sexy smile, but it’s a more serious face with the same smile. This serious-ness aspect is a result of a new truck-ish re-styling of the front end. The headlamp area is set down, or is at a lower height than the hood. So in essence the center of the front fascia, or the grille area, is on a higher level, and thus is given more prominence, and that equals an appearance of more aggression - more macho! Also, look closely at the grille. The design is slightly different. It has three slots compared to the previous two, and the slats are thicker and deeper as well, giving the new grille a more biting look! Yeah man! Bite that air, eat it and fuel that horsepower! The lower front fascia was also re-innovated with a new shape that produces L-shaped foglamps. This is a perfect touch! It compliments the new headlamp shapes just right. Also checkout how the headlamps reveal a vertically stacked set of bulbs. This causes the headlamps to look taller as well, and it even brings out the grille too because the horizontal slats of the grille seem to invisibly extend into it. Going even lower on the fascia is also another re-styling, which is similar to that seen on the new Cadillac coupes, particularly, the Cadillac CTS coupe

Now moving onto the side view, there is a continuation of the impressive front end design set up. It is extruded horizontally through the entire SUV - front to rear. The Escalade is now visually comprised of three pieces: the center body, and the two left and right side protruding areas. Also, another little change up on the side, that Cadillac did, was to include all the side windows on the same level as the front windshield. In the previous Escalade model, the windshield extended to a lower level than than the rest of the windows. With the new design, the entire wholesome effect is a smooth-sailing horizontal flow. There are no broken visuals. The truck looks like it is ready to take off! Also, I love how the designers kept the wheel arcs exactly the same - to the “T”! The wheel arc design of the Cadillac escalade is a precisely unique one, and has played a big part in the look of the SUV.


 Moving on to the rear of this lovely SUV, the first bold, and striking thing are the tailights. I absolutely just love it. It is ofcourse a carryover from the Cadillac wagon - and a nice one indeed. This taillight design dramatically and perfectly wraps up the new, improved, bold, braggadicious, and massive bling look of the Cadillac Escalade. Cadillac, YOW! kudos to the designer on his slam-dunk basketball game!! Salute!!


Just look at this beautiful wagon and how it's deisgn features were beautifully integrated into the rear of the new Cadillac Escalade!
Now enjoy the rest of the pictures of the beautiful Cadillac Escalade for 2015! And then enjoy the video afterwards!Go Cadillac Go Cadillac! Go! Go! Go!

Swaggggggggggggg! Looking like a boss! And dapper!

All up in ya grille! Big and bold! Gangsta and bad-ass!

Aww man, just look at the interior! Rich, sensous, supple leather. Natasha Bedingfield sings, "feel the rain on your skin", in her same voice, I'm singing, feel the leather on your skin! It feels so good! Like sweet love! Those sweet caresses!




- Gebre Mesquitta


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