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Friday, December 27, 2013

A Steak knife in the Camaro’s Neck? The New Ford Mustang?

Well "Never Say Goodbye" to history!For awhile the public was given numerous sneak-peeks of what was to be the new 2015 Ford Mustang. Finally, though, after all those teaser shots, it is now officially released! What’s the verdict? What’s the grade? Well you will find out at the end of our story. Previously, we had also done a review on earlier leaked images of the new 2015 Ford Mustang, which you can check here at the following link

Now one thing that I am very particular about in car design is when the vehicle looks absolutely perfect from every angle! However, it seems sometimes that can be impossible to achieve. But wait, no, I think it’s not impossible to achieve at all. Or maybe sometimes you have to rob Peter to pay Paul. Well anyway, the new Ford Mustang for 2015 is here you all! And this baby is hot! It is on fire! There's a whole lotta smoke in the building right about now! The whole building is on fire!

Here is an important point: the Ford Mustang is a highly iconic American car. Now the task at hand was to redesign it and blend past with present ever so meticulously. Re-designing an icon is hard work! Why? Because you are about to f#ck around with a f#cking icon! (LOL) You’re about to totally get all up in the grille with folks who are emotionally attached to this icon! You either get it right or go the f#ck home! Hahaha. Thankfully, the folks at Ford are pretty safe!

Lets embark on the tour of this newly re-designed iconic American sports car. Come around to the front of the car as this is where the evolutionary revolution begins. Zooming in on the grille, gone are the two massive circular fog lamps! Wow! But that bygone item is still alluded to in the division of the grille at the far left and right ends, where vertical slats partition the grille - right where the former fog lamps used to be. This right here is an absolutely fantastic design idea. It was a splendid execution.

Furthermore, one automotive design kid decided to go so far as bring back the bygone design of

the foglamps and integrate it with the new grille design. He places the circular fog lamp right within the far left and right partitions of the grille - just where the previous design had the foglamps positioned and it looks great! It is a nice customization idea for the new 2015 Mustang -  for those who can’t let go of the past (laughs). 



Now getting back to my convo on the front design of the Ford Mustang, I'm immediately attracted to the headlamps. Infact, even more than the grille, this is what I might have been attracted to first. The new headlamp design is longer and has a more menacing and ferocious design language. This is aided primarily by the three shark gills-like LEDS in the headlamp housing. Moving further down on the front fascia, is a big air dam which appears to be an extension of the upper grille, as the bars on the far left and right side of the grille extend down into the lower air dam. This has the effect of invisibly joining the upper grille and the lower air dam into essentially a "one big grille" look, giving it that "big-grille effect. That in turn translates to the visuals of high-speed racing and fat horsepower! And that inturn imparts a heavily aggressive macho look! Well just say an ultra-aggressive super shark predator look. Sounds better? Lastly on this same lower area of the front fascia, to the left and right of the air dam are newer placements for the previous foglamps. I like the "double layering" of lighting devices here - the LED turn signals and the foglamps almost appeared to be stuffed into a small space. It lends visual interest to the area. Call it compound interest! The effect created, to me, is that light beams will being forced out in a streaming beam!

Moving on to the side of the car, here you can see a clear throwback to the 1968 Mustang Fastback. The evidence is in the slope of the roof, the raked angle of the windshield, the chiseled horizontal incisions into the body panels, and the racing stance  - well ofcourse! This design story told on the side of the car is fitting, uniquely innovative, and just right. It's perfectly retro-futuristic. Some hardcore (but unreasonable) Mustang fans want the rear passenger-side  vents back too. But then how are the rear passengers going to be able to see out the window? I mean you can't have everything! Gotdamnit! The goal of the designers who are redesigning an automotive icon isn't to make the new Mustang look exactly like the old damn Mustang, but rather a clever integration of old and new (shakes head at these dimwits). Now just look at the damn beauty below! Just look at it!



However, this automotive kid - who I also mentioned earlier, created a great customiza-
tion concept that includes those vents and it looks really cool. That's what customization is for, though, to personalize the car the way you like! To your individual tastes! Key word being individual! (Hahaha). Now, moving back to the side-view design discussion, I love how the lower rocker panels are color differentiated and highly stylistic. They add a very pretty flair to the car. All together, as it wraps from front to back, it puts a final finishing touch on the overall design language of the car. Also, not out of reach of my attention on the side of the car, are the mirrors. I'm in admiration of how the mirror supports are of a different color than the mirror itself. This effect gives the entire mirror ensemble a beautiful flower-esque character. It's as if the mirror is a flower that blossomed and the support is the stem. Now, lastly, and to retouch on a design feature that I brought up earlier: the roofline. It has that eager sloping, rushing, visual. And I enjoy how it races to the back of the car simultaneously inducing the animation of that perfect wind tunnel test.

Finally, lets swivel around to the rear of the Mustang. Over here is pure design excitement and leading it off is the all-new taillamp design. In the R&B crooning voice of Chris Brown, these lights are "on and poppin" in a major way! The design is highly individualized, making their impact pronounced and distinctive. It is the perfect upgrade of the 1968 Mustang's taillamp design. It is splendid, beautiful, just marvelous! It one-handedly defines the entire rear of the car.
Also moving a little bit up from the taillamps is what I call a double spoiler system. First the body metal here, is fasioned into a little spoiler imitator lip, and then on top of that is an actual spoiler! The first imitator  spoiler (below) creates a nice shadow over the taillamps which gives them an enhanced 3D effect. It's almost like a vinnette behind a great rendering. (Car design or design folks yall know what I'm talking about!) 

Now finally, here comes the other part of the beauty of the rear end of the Mustang! Move your eyes down below the license plate area. Checkout the air diffusers and the middle piece in between them! Woah! Is this not a tasty design treat from the Ferrari Italia 458?! Huh! Yeah mon! This is the Ferrari 458 right here baby!! The resemblance is quite obvious, and it's a sensual one too. I minor allegiance to the female honey pot - which is more majorly described in the Ferrari 458 Italia rear end. And here, it's a most gorgeous sensually-splitting design. It is almost a steel fabrication of her lower biology. It makes me feel a little tingly in my nether regions. (Damn, sorry folks LOL). But refer to the third picture and then follow up here!   


Ok now. lets go inside! Where all the action will occur! The interior of the new Mustang is a whole ‘nother level intelligent design and highly perfected beauty. It is simply gorgeous, but then again un-simply, purposefully and intently engaging. It is a product of well-thought out planning by the interior design and management team! Every item within the interior is of exquisite perfection! This is Ford baby! This is a new Ford standard! 
To delve a little further, the new Mustang has also has an interior aura similar to that to that of the Ford F-150 pickup. It has a very "big-truck" demeanor to it. This I believe, is due to the shape of the center console. It has the same lines are used in the latest F-150, but rather than having the center console shaped along those lines, in the truck it is instead, a border line within the center console. Additionally, the design of the AC/heat vents are also similar to those in the F-150. But in the Mustang, they are a bit more interesting, and even bear a resemblance to the lower portion of the Iron Man helmet's design.

The new 2015 Mustang is evo-revolutionary. It is carefully of the past, living in the present, and driving in the future. After initially becoming a bit hesitant when seeing the first pictures of the newly redesigned Mustang, some of which were badly fore-shortened or exaggerated fish-eye views taken by cameras of pictures in magazines, I gradually but quickly came to accept it and fall in love with the new design. It is sexy, fierce, and glorious! And I know I’ll be even more astounded when I see it live in the flesh at the 2014 Chicago International Auto Show! Kudos to the Ford designers on a job well done my friends! The grade of this car is A+!
Now sit back and enjoy the rest of the pictures of the stellar, gloriously sexy new 2015 Ford Mustang! The commemorial of their fifttieth anniversary! And then at the end checkout the music video ode to the Mustang 1968 Fastback: "Never Say Goodbye" by Lamar Fain

Now I'm waiting to see what Chevrolet has in store for us.....a new Camaro??? But in the meantime I'm singing in my Bob Marley voice (from "Concrete Jungle and substituting words)....."what do you got for me now!? In this auto jungle, jungle, jungle! Where-eh the competition is hardest!" 

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