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Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Have You Seen Her?" The New Cadillac CTS-V? "Have You Seen Her?"

Just focus on that picture on your left! In my Chi-Lite's voice, "Have you seen her?" Oh! "Have you seen her?" The New Cadillac CTS-V? I am absolutely in love with the new design! The front end is pungent with the look of a newness of expression, and excitement, and the hood is amply bosomed to a perfect thickness with the inclusion of that heat extractor, which gives the look of "oomph!"-ness and heavy horsepower. Couple that with the massive mesh grille which bears the resemblance of armored knight chain mail and you have a bad-ass Cadillac. And the grille's massive-ness drips into the lip of the lower fascia, an effect that is achieved by a portion of the lower lip being color segmented off just for the grille alone. This brings the grille into extra focus! In addition, the CTS-V's large hexagonal grille and the corresponding grille below it, which is off a mirrored shape, in addition to the large lower air intakes flanking it on the sides, which sympathetically embrace the shape of the headlamps, that begin above, all aid in a beautifully agressive look for the front end of the car.

Now onto the side of the Cadillac, the 2016 version has alot more definition than its predecessors. The designers have achieved here, a look of strength. This I attribute to the downward "chiseled" off portion of the metal that extends from the windows to the door locks. It makes the cabin or greenhouse area, look to be somewhat set in from the sides of the car, which in turn, from a front view, makes the sides of the car stand out with what I want to call, a toned-shoulders look.

Furthermore, in what is a trait of BMW cars, the front overhang on the CTS-V has been diminished by quite a chunk. The short overhang on an automobile is a power look, because it draws the eye to the front tires, and then back to the overhang again (several times a second - unconsciously), and the tires being diametrically larger than the width of the short overhang (well ofcourse), lends to an immediate visulation of motion. Infact, more specifically, it is the immediate visualization foward-moving motion.

Also, on the side of the CTS-V, towards the rear end, is a lip at the very bottom, and it is color matched with the rear spolier atop the trunk. This creativity brings both the rear spoiler and the lip into the same field of vision and traps the rear taillamp in between it which in turn gives a dashing look to the side of the car! Amazing indeed! It's te details yall! It's the details! It's those things that the brain saw before the eyes know what it is that its liking! (Hahaha)

Ok, well it's time to wrap up our CTS-V tour by moving to the rear of the car. Here, the first thing that pops into my vision is the rear spoiler. It imparts a sporty and racing-like character to the design of the car. And right below the opening on the bottom of the rear spoiler is an additional tailight. And then right below that is the Cadillac emblem which sits centered atop the chrome trunk handle. As I move lower down, I enjoy the design of the rear diffuser and how it flows over and around the exhaust pipes and then shoots off towards the sides of the rear. It's flashy, and a beautiful compliment. I also like the placement of the rear signal lights over each set of exhaust pipes, in addition to the placement of the reverse light, which is centered right in the middle of the rear air diffuser.

Furthermore, I love the way the rear body softly, but purposefully, converges towards a well-seamed crease. And the entire rear seems to be precisely balanced around this seamed centerline. The lower air diffuser (as described above) adds the final touch and finishes off the design of the rear nicely.

Competition for the road with this Cadillac CTS-V, belongs to the Mercedes E63, the BMW M5, and
the Lexus GSF.  But sitting amongst this pack, the Cadillac CTS-V sports its own unique flair. It has this cool vicious look, and the appearance of ready-to-rip-up-road just from a glance at it's front end alone. The chesty bulge in the hood, the wide upper grille (with mesh backing), that expands subconsciously into lines that seem to emnate from it's perimeter into the hood and into the side panels of the body. It even looks more vicious than the BMW M5! As much as BMW has a bad-a$$ trademark grille, to me it's a good competition with the CTS-V's front end. And that's not supposed to happen BMW! Right? BMW doesn't compete! Right? Hahaha, but it is! Don't you agree? (Whatever!) I think the CTS-V fits right in perfectly with its competitors and stands apart as a great player to contend with - and it's all American! How great is that?! Topping everything off, the Cadillac CTS gives the finger to the rest with its massive amount of horsepower - a supercharged 630-hp with 640 feet-lbs of torque, more than the Lexus, the BMW and the Mercedes C63! And its top speed is 200 mph!

- Gebre Mesquitta

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