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Friday, November 5, 2010

Farewell Pontiac Part II

The first time I saw a Pontiac was back in 1992, my Dad had rented a Grand AM while his car was being fixed. It was a dark but bright blue, and looked thoroughly modern compared to my Dad’s 1979 Peugeot. What I had liked about that car though, was the way the design came to a pointed convergence at the front. This being more evident with the headlamps, which were kind of tear-drop shaped, with the tear-drop end meeting on both sides of the grille. The back also had big, fun, sporty headlamps. Back then, and at 8 years old that looked really hot to me, and I wanted my Dad to keep the car and leave his other car at the dealership!

The other Pontiac model that I loved was the Bonneville. I used to love this car man. It had a long wheel base and was a bit wide track, with a quite decent front and rear fascia, I would say - well at least to me. It looked really fun, cool and sporty, and feisty. The first time I had seen it was back in 1993. My neighbor had bought it as a rental car (he was always showing off with rental cars lol). I remember it was a beautiful white and looked like a really fast sports car. You know like that image you get your get in your head - like the car is parked or standing still, and you picture the engine being revved up or simply the car just flying down the road (all while motionless). In addition, I remember once me and family were leaving our apartment and heading to our garage, when our neighbors white Pontiac Bonneville was parked in the driveway. It looked so beautiful and new, I hadn’t seen it before. But anyway, my neighbor was leaving his apartment too and ran into me as I was engaged in the my minds curiosity of this big white, pretty Bonneville sedan. I was caught on my hands and knees looking under the underbody of the car. Hahaha!

“Now lean back / lean back..” This is how I describe another of my favorite Pontiacs: Grand Prix. Man I love that car. What I enjoy most about that car is its design. It has a low-slung body over a long wheelbase giving it an “Lean Back” type cool appearance. “It looks hip, and urban even without being “pimped out”. With just a bit more “bling”-ness incorporated into its design, it would make a good rap video-car! My love for this Pontiac Grand Pix car increased after being driven in it by a friend. I got to see the design up close, as well as a little taste of the engine. The engine felt powerful and contributed to the car having a nice zippy feeling. In addition this Grand Prix had big chrome rims that made it look extra cool! The bad part, however, was that my friend was selling it - for about $5000, and I couldn’t afford it L . I wanted to buy it soo bad! But that was that.

Because of my love for this car, I wanted to do some ideation sketches of a more up to date and futuristic version. But when GM recently announced that it was abandoning its Pontiac brand, all my hopes were dashed. My dream died L . But I hope to keep Pontiac alive by purchasing some scale models of the Pontiac Grand Prix, and Bonneville sedans. I hope I can find them. That would be great! Miss you Pontiac!

Below are pictures of my Jamaican friend's 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix... on big chromes rims! Looking dan-
gerous! Uhmm yeah, night stalker? hahaha

- Gebre Mesquitta

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