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Monday, November 1, 2010

A Sad Day in the Automotive World

Today the curtains have finally closed on the historic Pontiac brand. Originally marketed as the sport car brand, or "youth" brand for the new generation, Pontiac was a brand that represented true power, sleek design, and portrayed the image of American Muscle. I sometimes wish that I had the ability to purchase this great company, just to salvage and rebuild it, and retain the historic legacy that it has now left behind. We will truly miss cars like the Fiero, Trans-Am,/Firebird, the Grand Prix, Grand Am, Bonneville, even the Legendary GTO, also lets not forget the controversial Aztek.  With the death of Saturn, Pontiac, Mercury, and even the Space Shuttle many great heroes are gone but their legemds will always live.


- Jamal

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