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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

        From since I was a little boy, I've always admired Jeep SUVs. The primary reason maybe derived from the fact that my neighbor used to drive one. My memory goes back as far as to say that I first remember him driving a Volvo sedan. It was a nice, decent, hardy cream brown sedan. He then bought a new vehicle - a Jeep Cherokee. It was boxy-chunky, manly-looking, cute SUVand could tackle any significant almost any depth of snowfall. Man did I love that little truck. I would listen out for when my neighbor was leaving for work, and when he'd arrive after work, just to see him drive his Jeep Cherokee!  What I liked best about that Jeep was the front fascia (including the litte headlights mounted in front), the overall shape, and the wheel design.

        Later on, about three years later, I believe, my neighbor bought another vehicle and it was a Jeep again. However, this time it was a step up - a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and it was hot! This Jeep model was what officially cemented me as a fan of the Jeep brand. It was a beautiful SUV, smooth-drivin', assertive, more curvy (a sexy too). And I didn't even know what sexy meant back in those days (lol)

        Over the years, Jeep has made many modifications to its Jeep Grand Cherokee model, culminating with a final awesome model for 2011. Yes! The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is here. And it is hot!!
I will begin by mentioning that the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee was first brought to my attention by my brother. He had seen it on some site on the internet. Next, he saw it on the road. We were both in the car, and there was some SUV in front of us at the red light. I never really saw the vehicle ahead of us, but my brother recognized it first. When my brother had told me about it, it was too late. But when he tried to jiggle my mind by roughly describing it, all I could fathom out of my memory was a rear end of an utmost vivacious curvature, with the rear lights high up on its surface  (...ummm like a high waistline hahaha).

I decided to google "2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee" to find out if this was the one that I had seen. It happened to be the exact same model and it was stunning! The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a great achievement for Jeep. Luckily, the SeraniTafari Street Team got an invite to the Chicago International Show from the Chrysler Group through Jeep Midwest, and was able to get to see up close and personal, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. What I found out at the Chicago Autoshow, was that Jeep was also offering rides in its vehicles! I was exhilarated!

The grille is a different caliber of chrome! It looks soo bright! Also, the headlamps are inset, lending attention to the area

Checkout the chrome horizontal piece between the rear lights! 2010 Ford Taurus-esque! Genius! (lol)

Checkout how the rearlights are inset, rather than flush with the surface...attention catcher!

        The ride offered by Jeep was through a mini, and brutal off-road course. Among the obstacles it consisted of were big rocks, and an 18 foot high 35 degree inclined plane. The drive over the rocks was jolting to the body, but felt easy for the SUV. The suspension was tremendously adaptive, and totally independent in the fullest sense of the word! What was also remarkable about the off-road experience was how there was not even a squeaky sound in the suspension as it traveled. It was just silence and the to-and-fro body movement of another passenger in the vehicle.

Below are pictures of the Jeep Grand Cherokee as it took on the "offroad trail' at the Chicago Autoshow.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee tackled this 18ft 35 degree incline with ease! It was a cakewalk!!

- Gebre Mesquitta


  1. Me too! Many guys, and even girls, purchase them, especially the chunkier ones. These types of cars got that certain angst that other cars don't have, that's why it's so cool!