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Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Aston Martin Music" .."All the Way Turned Up!" (K.I.S.S!! Aston Martin V12 Zagato)

"Aston Martin Music" is playing louder than ever! The Aston Martin company has done it again!! We thought they had reached the pinnacle with the exclusive One-77, but the all new Zagato V12 is just phenomenal and blows the One-77 out of the water!!! Before we begin and start dissecting this design beauty, lets pause for a moment and look at it's stats. The car's 510bhp comes from a powerful 6.0L V12, and rear wheel drive, coupled with stunning curves and a unique body that make's the car's overall appearance a K.I.S.S. Keep It Stupid Sexy!!!
The body though does remind me of a combination between the classic Nissan Z line, and various Ferrari  models. The curves are powerful but not brute to make the vehicle look too masculine. The nasally front end creates the effect that  this car is a gnarly fire breathing beast just waiting to unleash it's power. The five spoke open air rims allow air to just slip right in and eliminate the majority of the extreme heat.

 As we compare the side profiles, lets notice a trend going here. First we see the motorcycle helmet inspired design applied to the sloping C-pillars and the Aston Martin's blacked out A-pillar. Notice the muscle bulge that forms the shoulder, which delivers a smooth transition from the main character body line. The greenhouse on these vehicles have a swoop-fast-back design imitating a car that is always in motion even at a standstill.

Singing in my Chrisette Michele voice, "Aston Martin music..MUSIC!"

- Jamal Mcclean

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