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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Out in the Streets...."(Customized Cars Sighting)

So I was busy at work in my office when I saw two immensely customized vehicles roar down California Avenue, past my window, make a U-turn and then park not too far from my office. I immediately jumped up straining my neck at the window to see what model cars these were. I could instantly recognize one as a '90s Chevy Impala, but the other, I couldn’t discern the model.
Unfortunately, because my brother destroyed my digital camera, and I recently smashed my cellphone (no functioning cellphone camera lol), I had no means of taking any pictures to capture the splendid sight of these gorgeously customized cars. But then all of a sudden, I realized that my cute Mexican supervisor, had an iphone – and of course these have awesome camera resolutions. Well they're not enough as my digital camera's resolution, but its five megapixels of resolution turned to be great enough to capture what I wanted to exhibit about these cars.

Now let me say this: there is something unique about an old-model customized car. It is that the effect of the customization erases its age. It makes age non-existent!


  1. I'm pretty amazed by how you can easily detect which parts were customized. You're really a car enthusiast, huh? I like what the owner did with the Chevy. Air scoops are cool add-ons. I'm actually thinking of getting one for my ride.

  2. Thanks for the comment Ervin! I absolutely I'm a car enthusiast to the core!