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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The 2011 Dodge Durango

Here is the verdict on the new 2011 Dodge Durango: this SUV looks great! But, this SUV could also look a lot greater! To tell a funny story, it is as if the designer was on a groove, and then someone grabbed his hand, and said ok, that’s enough…we can save that for later….and the designer was like, “huh?! Duh! Ok..”
Well people, the right shaping of form has at least taken shape. The appropriate momentum is in progression. The body language is more interesting than any of the previous models. It’s more aggressive and sexier.

Now, however, the Durango could still do with some re-designing. There are aspects that can be kept and some that can be greatly improved. To state precisely, the winning aspects of the Dodge Durango can be kept, while also combining the winning elements of the previous edition Dodge Charger (the new one is hot too, but it’s not as hot as the previous version). The Dodge Charger is a super hot car, stemming from its first debut in 2005, and even into the new 2011 redesign - though as I stated earlier, the new one lacks some of the niceness of the previous version.

Now, talking about the Dodge Durango, the rear of the Dodge Durango is my favorite part of the vehicle’s new design. The design of the rear lights plays a huge part in the look of the rear. It imparts an almost BMW look, and hence a look of luxury! Moving on to the side of the Durango is a different design language, but it could do with extra fierceness. At the front of the Dodge Durango is the new grille and headlamp design, it is a change from the past, but here Dodge could have done a more dramatic, aggressive “lane” change. You know, like a screeching near-fishtailing swerve! Picture that lane change? Fresh and feisty! Road rage stimulating! Huh? Hahaha.

Now sit back and enjoy the show as the SeraniTafari Street Team delves into our humorous, and picturesque detailed design critique of the 2011 Dodge Durango and the former Durango runner ups.

Dodge Durango 1999

Dodge Durango 2004 (the ugly kid)

Below is a brief narrative. Here, I make the Dodge Durango models take on personalities and talk like people. (Cars do talk...that's why great design sells!..insider)

2004 Dodge Durango

When I see the Dodge Durango, I feel the urge to laugh, because, with its big droopy,sad face, it looks like it is saying, “Oh well, this is me. I don’t really know what I am, I don’t really like the way I look. Do you like me? I reply, “No!” He shrugs and says, “Well, sorry, it wasn’t me. They made me look like that. Fukkin’ Dodge!”

2011 Dodge Durango

“’Look at me now/ look at me know’.” I look better now right?! I’m like, “Yeah” duh! You look a whole lot better! My only gripe is that I wish they made you look a whole lot still better. (Durango smiles) he says, “Well, at least I look a lot better than before. Thank God!"

The Dodge Durango interior does look really nice. love the inward-facing arrangement of the gauges in the instrumental panel. It gives the driver's side a "lets go" look. Moving onto the center console, I like the design, but it would have looked better if it had a curvature to it though, instead of being nearly flat. I also wished they left out that rectangular opening at the bottom of the radio console. The rest of the reach of the dashboard is smooth, and beautiful, and the chrome accented vents finish everything off nicely.

PS. Hey, the Dodge Durango would look killa with a racing-type interior too!

About two years back, while still attending industrial design school in Philadelphia, PA, I began sketching my own new look for a new Dodge Durango. And of course, it grew out of my great dissatisfaction with the then existing Durango models, as well as while simultaneously having a tremendous love for the Dodge Charger’s design and styling. The model shown on the left is around the perimeter of what I sketched. And I was indeed shocked to find this picture too! I was like, Oh sh*t! Game over! But naah, I'm still good. I'm still clear, because my design has other combinations that the designers at Dodge have yet to envision. If the designers at Dodge are reading this blog though, then my game may just be over. I might post my sketches on a next blog....I don't know yet! What do you all think? You know what I will post the sketches soon because Iove Dodge! Hahaha.


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