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Sunday, July 31, 2011

" Look at Me Now" (2012 Ford Focus)

"Look at me now/look at me now/...." Those are the words of the 2012 Ford Taurus. She told me that I swear! (hahaha). Well, I had seen some mention of the 2012 Ford Focus on several different websites, until I finally got a glimpse in person. It happened as I was leaving a coporate training session that I was attending for my job. I saw one of the attendees who were leaving get into a car that looked strangely exciting in its design as well so different from anything within the usual design language of Ford. I had a WTF moment! I was like, "What car is this? The guy responded, saying, "Its the new 2012 Ford Focus." I'm thinking to myself, "2012"?! Not even 2011? Damn, they got that on the market really fast!" I'm kind of thinking to myself, "Doesn't 2012 stuff come out in late 2011? Like in the Fall?"

But anyway, the 2012 is crazily unique at the front, it's front fascia is off the chain! I have never before seen a small car designed that agressively. Ford really has its head on right. They are doing things so right in the design studios. I'm really happy for them! the side profile of the car resembles the Mazda RX-8. The set up of the A, B, and Cpillars are almost similar. The bulging rear wheel fender also resembles the one on the RX-8 too. This feature of the Ford Focus gives it looks of speed - a nice "look" for a small car, right? (Hahaha)

Moving on to the rear of the car is another well designed area. This is mostly due to the sporty, and expressive design of the tailights. It's like yeah, I'm a small car, but I'm hot! Not the lil "I'm a small car, I'm boring, and I know I suck look." (LOL)

Ok, now lets talk about something really really nice here: the interior of the 2012 Ford Focus. This interior is smoking hot! They say that where there is smoke there is fire,well there was a fire burning inside the interior designer of this car. Maybe the anger at the horrid ugliness of the interior of the previous model ignited a fire! :) Also the two-tone color scheme gives an extra sporty look. It's so pizzazzy and sexy! In addition, I had an OMG! moment when my eyes caught light of an extremely unique AC/heat vent design on the far left and right side of the interior of the front of the car - the driver's and passenger side respectively. They resemble a spider-man inspired design. It is gorgeous. It is so beautiful man!



What a damn difference!! Right?
Go to the nearest Ford  dealership and check it out for yourself today!
- Gebre Mesquitta

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