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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The New Volkswagen Beetle: The Perfect Redesign of a Classic!

When I saw the new Volkswagen Beetle on the Autoblog website a couple weeks ago, I had an OMG moment. I was like, “Wow!” The Beetle is such a classic car; I had always pondered how I would sketch a re-design of the Volkswagen Beetle. But it seems like the designers at Volkswagen have done a better job than whatever re-design I was contemplating. These designers have gotten the design of the new Volkswagen perfect! It is perfecto! The aesthetic is within the realm of the design language of an overall Beetle-appropriate look, but still very cool-looking and really hip at the same time. It is a just-right fit for todays, ultra-cool and trendy young folk. Also, the Beetle is no longer an off limit cars to real men - or one that he can only picture a female in. It's cool-ness factor is now so great that even a "tough" LL Cool J-type of guy could drive it. 
Now, previously, I would never want to drive a Volkswagen Beetle, it had looked too feminine, baby-cute-ish, and snuggly for me - aka not my bad boy type of style. To put it plain, it was not cool enough for me to drive down the street with some heavy reggae pumping out the speakers. But now, I can definitely drive a Volkswagen Beetle and with the radio “all the way turned up”. Yessir! Kudos to this cool-as-heck German design!

Now the recoop!

- Gebre Mesquitta

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