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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

AdSpotting: Jennifer Lopez and Fiat "Back To The Bronx"

So! Fiat is back in the United States. The video below featuring Jennifer Lopez, one of the hottest, music, film, and TV pop stars, looks like its big advertisement debut to get the ball really rolling over here. I’ve been watching this little car for a while – from since it first debuted in the media. There’s something about it! That Fiat 500, it’s a sexy little mini Italian car!
I think the goal behind the Fiat/Jennifer Lopez video is similar to the one behind the “Imported From Detroit” ads that Chrysler is currently running with the gritty looking scenes of Detroit.
Here’s what I like about this video:
  1. The intro soundtrack and the slow seep-in of J.Lo’s voice, “Here, this is my world.”
  2. The guy that begins drumming at 0:15 seconds
  3. The jovial, dancing, ipod-type girls at 0:19 seconds as J.Lo says,“To think faster”, and shifts the  gear stick, and the guys excitedly fist-bumping
  4. At 0:35 seconds the flirty long-hair shake! Yes!! (LOL)
  5. When J.Lo sings “And never stop loving you”, and then the kids chasing the car…which then comes to a stop and  J.Lo departs the car, moving right into a model pose!
Here’s what I don’t like about the video:

  1. As the camera moves off the guy drumming, J.Lo's expression is too stoic...there needs to be  an "Oh yea!" type of smile/expression on her face here
  2. After the camera leaves the kids break dancing and focuses on J.Lo’s face...again her expression is  too stiff!
I recently had my first live sighting of the Fiat 500c while walking home from a new stush restaurant a couple blocks from my home. I was like, "Oh, that's you, the Fiat 500c! You're soo cute! I'd love to just kiss that car... like for real though! Hahahaha.
- Gebre Mesquitta

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