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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chick Trying to Sell a Ford Focus

Yesterday I was at this corner store about a block from the office where I work. I went there to buy me a couple bags of Smart Food popcorn and a knock-off Jamaican cream soda (lol). I then walked into line to present my purchase. In front of me there was a kind of fine-looking Puerto Rican chick who was earnestfully leaning at the counter while talking meaningfully and quite persuasively to the Arab cashier. She was trying to sell him her car. I heard her mention to the cashier the mileage on it at  “just 100, 000” and that it was a Ford Focus. I chuckled to myself so hard that the laugh spilled right out of my mouth. I’m thinking, “Man that car is at least 10 years old, and – an old Ford at that! Back then Ford was known for boring cars with a low-quality stigma. Ford ten years ago and prior and Ford today is like apples and oranges, and I’m currently the biggest fan of the “new Ford”!
Now, after the lady’s remark to the cashier about the car’s mileage, he replied with an honest smirk and saying in his heavily foreign-accented English, “I don’t know 'bout Ford, but 100,000 miles on Japanese, yeah! But ahhh no Ford! And then I chimed in, speaking to the lady, “And you selling it for $3000? She was like yeah! It’s a nice car! As I left the store to head back to my office, I saw the car, a bright red hatchback Ford Focus. I’m thinking, "damn, that car does look nice, and kinda pretty! I could drive around with that and get some numbers from the ladies :). And it doesn’t look like it makes any old-enginetype sounds while being driven either. It looks like it has no where near the $100, 000 miles on it that the owner stated!" Infact, I’d love to buy it and put another 100, 000 miles on it. But, I’d like to buy it for like $1,000, (hahaha) because you know, I kinda remember the Fords-from-back-then stereotype. So you know, I’d like to buy it at stigma-price and drive it into the ground (LOL).

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