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Sunday, January 29, 2012

To be Teased on Facebook! "Like a Naked Woman on a Beach", Says the Designer!

Well I did have high expectations for the new Dodge Viper, especially after Ralph Giles announced it's new design was inspired by a naked woman on a beach. I'm still holding out on this design ingenuity, as I have only seen spyshots of the car - although most of the car is visible except for the front.

Now, I swear if I was designing a car inspired by a naked woman on a beach, I'd start with the rear first and foremost! Additionally, there would be alot more feminine design integrated into the side panels. Hopefully, though, there will be something awesome at the front once that brassiere comes off. And if that won't be enough, maybe Dodge will have some delicious interior design inside the Viper - something sensual and very companionable for a male driver :). Until then we can only speculate. I must admit though, that I'm only a twenty-five percent interested in the big reveal - I'm just saying (lol).

I like the look of the wheels, they seem to be a one-piece machined item. The design of the spokes is somehow very picturesque of the machining action that was done to cut out those shapes. Furthermore, the headlamps at the front look identical to those of  the Chevrolet Corvette, and the grille, from what I can seem to resembles the new Dodge SRT design. 

I like the hints given on the top of the hood. Hopefully it will be something very sexy - once the bra comes off!

Nothing new in the rear.."same-o same-o"
- Gebre Mesquitta

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