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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SRT Viper...The Breakdown! Feminine ID (Industrial Design)

"Feminine ID"! It was first coined here, on the SeraniTafari Street Team blog! Well, I had already come up with the term before, but it was only relegaded to scribbled notes on my drawings. But feminine ID, I will here define, is my terminology for the inclusion of female design (feminine shapes or forms) into the realm of industrial design, it's subsidiary in this case being car design.

See below as I illustrate my observations of the "naked lady on the beach". It is hidden in plain sight! Well we guys probably find that out first :).

Okay looking at the picture above, can you picture "the naked woman on the beach"? She could either be standing, sitting, or lying down. And as for laying down, she could either be lying on her back or lying on her stomach. The profile that would fit this automobile silhoutte to a T would be the naked woman lying on her back! If you carefully notice the contours of the car, you will see that the roof has a topography that matches the female bust profile! It fits neatly into the contour of the roof. Someone hit that button! "That was easy! That was very clever of the designers. This type of organic female form integration into the car body is super hot! It's subtle, and nearly secret, with a little bit of a wow factor. Great job Ralph Giles!

Now observe the sequential analysis below, picture by picture. Enjoy :)

The SRT Viper's ingenious inclusion of feminine design into its car body design has now further inspired me as a "student" of car design. I'm definitely going to look back at some of my car sketches to see how I can innovate futher carbody designs using feminine forms. All it takes is different brushes, different strokes, and keeping it interestingly imaginative with appropriate measure.

- Gebre Mesquitta

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