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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Arguably the best looking spyder ever!! Mclaren 12C Spyder!

OMG!!!! The Mclaren MP4-12C! What a stunning combination of beauty and technology. 

I love this side view of the Mclaren.What makes this picture pop are the huge air intakes! As I look at it I picture masses of air rushing into them. Do you hear "Swoosh?" This look achieves the appearance of a great sense of speed! Furthermore its the double air intake that makes the effect extreme. Masses of air piling into two air intakes. The car appears ready to rip out of its still position at terrifying speed! The beautiful roofline is also aiding in this picturesque definition of a powerful road beast. It's low, sleek, and slick-ingly aerodynamic. It looks soo wind-tunnel perfected.

Hear the screeching? Smell the burning rubber? Feel the excitement? The 12-C spider is well .................. Exactly!! Just speechless.

What I admire most about the Mclaren Spider is the way it takes me back in time. A time where I use to draw sports cars in this manner. The sweeping lines, low angular front end, and the tail sweep off the spoiler lip. Ummm ummm delicious!! 

Parting shot: Oh yes the Mclaren is indeed beautiful and powerful! But ahh it's no Lamborghini (lol) ahh or Ferrari for that matter (hahaha). But it's more than a Porsche! Right? Agree?


- Jamal Mcclean

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