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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

RAM (Random Access Memory) No! RAM as in RAM Trucks!  

It was in 1994 when the first hot design for a RAM Truck made its debut - well at least I thought so. It was a design change from the previous models, and I was highly impressed. Back then, I was a little kid and dealing with an ever-increasing love for cars.
       Now how I came across the then new '94 Dodge Ram, was that I was reading a National Geographic magazine. My Dad was a big fan of  National Geographic and always read their magazines. Infact, I think he had a subscription to them. I remember how I'd loved seeing them when they arrived in the mail - nice, neat, crisp, and glossy, and with the bright  kids-lovable  yellow border. (Damn I'm going into it about National Geographic magazines lol). But anyway, moving along, there was a large fold-out in the center of the magazine, and there it was: this large beautiful Ram Truck. I can just picture myself back in time on that day, pouring over the images; I was in love with that truck! What I enjoyed about the design was how the front fascia was "truck-anized" it bore a strong resemblance to the front end of big trucks (think Mack Trucks) and school buses. You know, that aesthetic where the headlamps are on a much lower level than the hood. This new appearance implanted on the Dodge Ram pickup was interesting to me. I saw aggression and a grown man-type of expression. You see, little bloys always dream of being grown-a$$ hardworking men like their Dads(hahaha)

Ok, now enjoy the design analysis below

- Gebre Mesquitta

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