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Monday, April 4, 2011

“Out in the Streets…” Lincoln Navigator sighting (Dub Edition)!!

       I was inside my vehicle at a Michaels’ Supermarket, when I saw a long nearly blacked-out SUV cross my vision. I searched for a manufacturer’s recognition somewhere. Usually I could tell by the rear lights or side profile, but the rear lights were mostly blacked out. But then I recognized the Lincoln emblem at the rear, this was a Lincoln Navigator. I’m like, "okayyyy…umm…pretty cool!" Before I could begin to roam my eyes over the vehicle looking for how it could do with a re-design in certain areas (I have plans to do a re-sketch for a new Lincoln Navigator) I spotted the DUB logo on the rear passenger window. I’m like, “Yo! That’s DUB! (LOL)! This is a Dub Edition vehicle!” I have never seen a Dub Edition vehicle on the streets. The last time I saw a Dub Edition vehicle up close and personal was at the Philadelphia International Auto show in Feb. 2010, where I met the President/Co-founder, Myles Kovacs.
       Well, now the driver’s door to this SUV cracked a bit and retractable running boards dropped down as the driver attempted to make an exit . I had never seen retractable running boards in operation before (isn’t that crazy), it looked amazing in action. I’m like, “Ok, Mr. Cool truck” (hahaha), work it! A cowboy-looking guy then stepped out of the vehicle! I’m like, “Wow! Cowbwoy (Jamaican patois spelling) inna Dub truck mon! That’s whassup! That’s ultra cool!”

I had to snap one more picture as it drove off !
- Gebre Mesquitta

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