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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Sexiest Minivan!! (SUV-Cool)

       Minivans were once a prime status symbol in America - well until the SUV came along. Minivans, seen in the parking lots of pristine suburban homes was the sign of Americana baby! (hahaha). But SUVs came along and erased and totally replaced that. SUVs were like station wagons, that were “trucked” or rode much higher up on the chasis. They gave a commanding view of the rode, and made you feel like you were in charge. Also, the best part about this is that they also looked extremely cool too; they were full of a macho aesthetic! These were big bad boys, who had come to run the town! (picture Rihanna’s “who’s gon run this town now..” hahaha). SUV’s came to rule the American landscape from the late 90’s to the latter part of this decade. They became a significant item of profitability for American automakers. But the rise of gas prices, however, brought a decline to the SUV marketplace, and auto manufacturers found themselves having to adjust to this scenario.
       But anyway, now that the SUV now had replaced the minivan as a suburban status symbol (or whatever else), minivans became nearly obsolete, and they still are, to an extent. Cars and big SUVs, infact, more so big SUVs, are the primary cloggers on American roads. But, however, some auto manufacturers are trying to make a comeback in the minivan market. Now, in trying to do that, here’s the key: the automakers have to come back with a hot minivan - one that is SUV-cool! And that is because SUV's have become the rage, because they're are hot! They are cool! They are sexy! Minivans are not hot, and they are definitely not sexy. They’re plain boring and do a great job of what they were designed to do, which is economically carry a lot of people, and hold most of their luggage. But many SUVs can do that too (except economically haha) and have higher ground clearance, in addition to four wheel drive. The appearance and driving capabilitiesor of SUVs have garnered many peoples attention, in addition to the prestige that it carries. People who used to like and /or drove minivans have bought SUVs instead.
       So what auto manufacturers who want to get back into the minivan market have done, is to try to make a cool, sexy, hip minivan. Or to say it better, they want to make a minivan that is SUV-cool. (laughs). Minivans aren’t sexy because folks who drive them aren't single. On the other hand many SUV drivers are single. Infact, let me tell you something funny. You see minivans signify kids, or family and married folks. No single person would ever buy a minivan. (I would never even ponder the thought). Single people are sexy, married people are not! (LOL).

       Well, enough said, lets debut some sexy minivans that a few auto manufactures have recently put on the market. My heart goes for the Honda Odyssey, she is the sexiest of them all! And I will show you why!

2011 Dodge Caravan

I love the dual exhaust pipes! Macho!

All in all, the only thing great about this Dodge Caravan, is the screaming "I'm hot" paint job, and the sexy wheels. Other than that, the design of the Dodge Caravan is "same-o-same-o". No knew design innovative-ness!
Below are some pictures of the interior of the Dodge Caravan.

That white trash in the instrumental has gotta go!! But, the front space does look tight, and cozy, fit for some zippy driving! Also, the placement of the gear shift is beautiful. The upholstery and other design effects need more innovation....more curvy and sexiness needed :(

2011 Toyota Sienna


Overall, the Toyota Sienna is a most gorgeous, splendid and solid minivan. It looks luxurious and is luxurious. The only thing that this Toyota Sienna needs is an addition of sexy pizzaz in the side and rear exterior design. It suffers from a little bit of a conservative design approach


2011 Honda Odyssey! The sexiest of them all! The winner!!

Now you see what I'm talking about right? This minivan takes the cake!

Below are some previous computer renderings of the Honda Odyssey (before the design was okayed for production).

Check out the slanted lower rear imparts a "fast" look to the is sexy! fast is hip!

Below are more images of this supreme minivan of utmost superb design!

OMG! This minivan is such a splendiferous all-round beauty! Once again, it's the sexiest minivan ever!

Below are interior shots of the 2011 Honda Odyssey..enjoy for yourself, the splendiferous, luxurious beauty!

If you are in the market for a minivan, the 2011 Honda Odyssey, is the one for you. It looks as cool as an SUV! Go checkout one at your nearest dealership today!
- Gebre Mesquitta

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