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Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012 Dodge Challenger (Riding Shotgun)!

My love for the Dodge Challenger began in the month of September 2005. I came upon the picture of this car while I was at work interning for a financial/publication company back in my community college days in Connecticut. At work, when there was a lull in tasks to do, or when I would take a break from my work, or moreso, when my supervisor wasn't in her office (big smile on my face), I would roam the internet visiting all types of automoile-related websites, saving numerous pictures of the sexiest concept cars, and saving them on CDs (there weren't any flashdrives in those days LOL). I would then happily take advantage of the awesome office printers as well as the myraid of paper qualities available (hahaha) to print them out. I think one of my co-workers kind of almost caught me once and snitched it to my boss, and I was warned about it. My boss was a sweetiepie, though, I loved her, and I still love her -  tall, slim, pretty, cute (lol). Ok let me stop! (LOL). But she was the coolest boss you could ever have! Now, anyway, I printed out numerous images of a bright orange Dodge Challenger on "criss-criss" company paper. For me the printouts were so precious, I held the fresh copies like an egg, and put them away in a folder sandwhiched between blank sheets of paper to preserve its frehsness. I slipped them into my bookbag, and at the end of work, I To this day I still have them, and they're as fresh as the day I printed them out. Now I always remember the website from which I got the car from, as saying the "Dodge Challenger would begin production in 2006". That's all I had to go by until I would see it on the street. And when I did see it on the street, all I could do was pass it on the street. But thanks to Chrysler and the folks at Out Cold Marketing, I finally got to ride in one!

- Gebre Mesquitta

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