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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The 21st Century Recreational Vehicle: A Mean, Lean Green Machine

I came across this picture while checking my Facebook page. The picture popped up in my news feed! I first fell in love with the aggressive look going on at the front. I like the grumpy appearance. It adds a look of ulra-macho truck-ness to a van-type aesthetic. Furthermore, the immediate thing that I  recognized about the grumpy look was that it resembled a bulldog. As much as I tremble when I pass a bulldog, I always love the constipated, irritated look that they carry on their faces. It really makes me laugh. There's many times when I've wanted to just stand by the fence where a bulldog was and just laughy my ass off at it. Hahahaha! 

But anyway, observe the design critique below. 

This concept RV, is also more than just an eye-catching front end design. It is a lean green machine. A wonderfully sustainable design for the staycation type. First off, to improve fuel efficiency - in this age of sky-high gas prices, the vehicle body has been slimmed down - this does wonders for aerodynamics too. 

Now on to the more exciting aspects of this RV concept, is its innovative "sustainability at rest" concept. It goes beyond fuel efficiency with the introduction of solar panels in the awning and roof, and hydrogen fuel as an alternative power source. It also houses an electric charging station for Vectrix motorcycles (I don't know what that is) and segways ,as well as a high-tech concept called an AquaVentus device, which enables fresh, portable water to be pulled out of thin air by use of condensation capture technology. Wow! This is an RV indeed! It's a Revolutionary Vehicle! Checkout the link at the company website:
- Gebre Mesquitta

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