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Saturday, March 10, 2012

WTF! New Luxury Sedan! From Kia?

       OMG! Look at the majesty and visual splendor of this vehicle! All I can say is wow! Kia, you have really come a long way. A really damn long way. Almost a decade ago you were like an auto manufacturer that existed on the fringes of the automotive industry. I totally looked down on your vehicles. They were like "nobody" vehicles, something for a college kid or someone really broke to drive. To put it plainly, your cars looked like a poor man's ride, and I had a personal vow to never ever buy one. (Hahaha)Well you know, let me be honest, I don't think I actually thought I would never drive one, because I am no predictor of my future, and Mama alwyas told me "never say never". But let me say this, I knew that I would avoid it if I could. I remember when I would chuckle to myself when I'd see the Kia Optima and the Kia Amanti out in the streets. I was like, "Man, yall are so plain Jane and butt ugly.  
       But times have changed! And Kia is now fast becoming a design powerhouse on the automotive scene. To you all I say congratulations on all of your successes as you climb the ladder to gain your rightful seat amongst the big boys of the automotive world. I am thoroughly enjoying your injection of high quality, exciting, and enthusiastic design language into the automotive industry.

       Now, let me give you my critique of this majestic luxury Kia sedan.The first thing that pops out about this car is the grille, you can immediately see BMW. You can also see some Buick in the grille too. But there's two reasons why you don't see the buick's grille similarity first. First, it is because in your mind BMW is a substantially higher caliber automotive product than a Buick and you'll want to see that similarity first. Second, is because of the design of the grille; it transitions from wide to narrow to wide again. This enables the near visualization of the two piece trade mark BMW grille to be "seen". Almost in the same vein are the headlamps. They are reminiscent of the headlamps on the BMW M6. But aside from that, the headlamps totally hold their own. What my eyes immediately gravitate too are the inner bulb housings! They are square! This a total contrast from the usual circular design seen in all cars on the road. It has an extraordinarily unique effect and is a grandoise change from the norm. Here I give a sharp military salute to such revolutionary design ingenuity. Infact, let me hear 21 guns go off for this. (Put's hand to hear in an "I'm listening" mode). "Wham!" Thankyou!

- Gebre Mesquitta

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