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Monday, March 19, 2012

Luxury and Sport collide.... Lexus GS 350

With the dramatic changes of the American economy, rising gas prices, and cars looking (pretty much) the same, Lexus offers us something that shows that change may be a good thing.
Lexus offers its newest version of the GS series, which has gone on to become one of the more popular series throughout the years. This specific series alone has built a reputation besides the flagship LS and sporty IS series as the ultimate between both sporty and luxury worlds. Lexus looks to place some heat and add a higher level of competition with a radical new approach to its design and development. Being known for it's innovative ways of thinking, and there famous punchline "the pursuit of perfection". What do you think about the new design philosphy from Lexus? Please provide some feedback, let us know your feelings toward the new redesign of the Lexus GS 350. You can post in the comments box at the end of the posting.

Lets take a look at the face. Do you notice anything different? Yesss! The whole front fascia has been redesigned, a new grille, and look, guess what! No more signature double headlights! Lexus has decided to go ahead and change its formula and is also influencing the other models in its line up with this all new signature trapezoidal type grille. Also included, are these angular agressive headlamps which are decorated with a line of daytime LEDs positioned on the lower part of the light cluster. This look to me resembles a more highly aggressive IS. This is where the sporty side of the design comes into play.

When viewing the side profile you can't help but notice the aerodynamic elements that form together to create a sort of beautiful sculptured artwork. As we look at the green house from the A pillar to the C pillar, your eyes can just follow the fluid-like lines that flow all the way down to the bottom of the doors and back up to the A pillar. Before you know it your back on the journey again. The sweeping character line accents the rising beltline and runs into a beautiful well sculted rear lip. The short front overhangs truly enhance the vehicles sense of motion, thus hinting at the sporty side of this work of art.

Ahhhh yes, the rear! Do you notice anything different here? Thats right! gone are the signature rear tail lamps of the previous GS. The new angular shaped tail lamps are more innovative, notice the L-shape LED cluster within the tail lamps, another Lexus trademark. Our eyes follow the agressive lines that draw us down to the unique exhaust and diffuser cluster. This combination continues with the sporty DNA of the IS. The rear bumper though, is designed specifically for assistance with the creation of downforce, and we can see that with the bumper's integrated sculpted rear as it flows into the body. Overall, this car is a tremendous work of art and truly a beauty at stand still. 

Lets take a look at the luxury side of the vehicle: The interior. (Ooooh la-la-la-la-la!...licks lips and wags tongue lol)
With leather and well accented panels, a large deep inset screen which resembles an executive office. The driver steps in and assumes the role of CEO.
The rear is soooo luxurious. The passengers are also involved in the executive decision making, as members of the board.

We will truly miss the previous GS that formed the DNA for the future lineup.

                                                                          -Jamal McClean

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