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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Volvo XC90 SUV Crossover

        I have never really been a big fan of the Volvo automobile brand. Reminiscing through the eyes of my childhood, and up until recently, they’ve always appeared, stiff, hard wood-en (think Al Gore ), stoic and conservative. However, still though, there have been a few Volvo’s that I have liked…just a least I will admit that.
        But now, Volvo has left me with the potential of really being interested in more of their vehicles. They have left me stunned with my eyes and mouth wide open with the astonishing styling of the new X-C60 R-design. I came upon the X-C60 by accident, as I was loading my web browser. I have my web browser settings set to Autoblog as the default homepage, and the X-C60 was in their daily blog. (Yeah man, Autoblog is my darling blog!)
        Well ok, lets get to critiquing this beautiful new SUV from Volvo. First of all, the vibrant, pulsating red is eye-snatching! This is a lovers red, wait, no this is a lover-with-a-passion red! This is a blinding Valentine red! I’m in love with it! Now, beginning at the front of the vehicle, the aesthetic is similar to that of many in Volvo’s vehicle line up. However, it does take a little turn from the generic. It has the lower grille in a chrome outline as well as new chrome accents uniquely arranged between the headlamps and the grille. The effect is nice, and decent, easy flowing and beautiful. It’s smooth, sleek and non-messy – a simple prettiness.

        Moving on to the side of the vehicle is additional attractiveness, and boldness. Instantly recognizable are the large rims. These offer a striking confident appearance, a plus for Volvo! “It’s almost as if the vehicle is saying, “Look at me! Hell yeah, I’m Volvo, but I can be cool and hip too!” What I also admire about the side view is the incline. The XC-90 appears to rise upward giving way to a nice, high rear end. The overall effect of this is a visual movement. This movement almost resembles the transition from a car to an SUV, as the front end is a bit low - close to a car’s height - while, the rest of the vehicle climbs into SUV terrain. However, after getting lost in the visual design story, you realize it is a trick, as there is a horizontal chrome piece that runs below the doors, which asserts true time and place! This chrome piece also ties up the design nicely; it makes for a nice conclusion on the side. Oh and did I forget? I also like the side view of the rear lights as it reaches high up on the body, almost into the rear spoiler.

        Ok, lets move on to the rear. Over here is splendid! And that chiefly rests with the high-arched-back profile and the beautiful shape of the rear lights. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I love the way the body contours to the shape of the rear lights, it’s cute and sympathetic, and with the addition of a look of chiseled-ness. Also this big rump of a backside of the XC-690 is another ode to what seems to be a ubiquitous feminine-ization of vehicle design. Its pure loveliness! Good job Volvo. I’m now very interested in what new vehicle designs you have up your sleeve. My interest in Volvo has now been launched and I look forward to blog on more exciting Volvo vehicles in the future.

Just look at this beauty-mobile! The blinding sexy-lovers-in-a-passion red!!

and the sexy high-hips backside :))..ooooh lalalalala.....

- Gebre Mesquitta

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  1. It looks just like the xc60. I want to see one with a stock towing package. Have they upgraded that feature as well to include all safety features Volvo is known for?