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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Out in the streets..." Ford Taurus SHO sighting

Front End
       Check this out people!, I was walking down the street on a dull and rainy evening when I came across this menacing prowling machine, staring at me with its transformer autobot eyes. This is the all new Ford Taurus SHO, the high end production version of the regular Taurus. As you can see it is coated in a beautiful pearl white, which is starting to become a very popular color for cars, due to the fact that you are able to see the contours and shapes that flow and form the front to the rear end of the car.

side view
        As you can see this side profile represents motion at a standstill. The low slung body coupled with the aggressive muscular stance presents a new breed of American Muscle for the 22nd century. If you notice, you can see the character actually starts at the front of the vehicle and dramatically extends through the side body, and even to the small indentation in the rear quarter. In addition, the wheels are very "sharp" and add an agressive accent to the styling.                                                                                         

         Now as we move to the rear of the SHO we can see that this car is different from the original model with the addition of the rear spoiler; we also see those dramtic lines converge and meet to complete the full cirlce. Do notice the muscular influences from the Ford Interceptor concept woth light cluster, as well as the chrome strip that runs across the rear and the badge with the prominent Blue Oval, along with SHO badging. This car is bound to turn heads, and Ford's new design philosphy is truly the hallmark and lives up to Henry Ford's dream of building mass production car not only to serve the people to take them to their destination in modern uncomparible style.

- Jamal Mcclean

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